HPT-100 & HPT-200 | Plasma Surface Treatment

HPT-100 & HPT-200 | Plasma Surface Treatment

Introducing Henniker’s HPT-100 & HPT-200 Plasma Treatment Systems, cutting-edge, microprocessor-controlled benchtop units designed for optimal surface activation, cleaning, and modification of a diverse array of materials. Whether you’re looking for precise plasma etching or functional plasma coatings, these systems offer unmatched versatility and reliability. Elevate your surface treatment processes with the HPT-100 & HPT-200.

Introducing the HPT-100 & HPT-200 | Plasma Surface Treatment

The HPT-100 & HPT-200 are microprocessor controlled benchtop plasma treatment systems that are ideally suited to surface activation, cleaning and modification of a wide range of materials including polymers, metals, glass and ceramics.

Available in fixed, single, or dual gas inlet versions and with onboard gas mixing manifold, the HPT-100/200 systems are able to handle a wide range of gases for optimised treatments, including air, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, nitrogen and many others.


TFT Colour touchscreen:

Each system is supplied with a 5.7-inch colour touchscreen which provides a rich, user-friendly interface. Variables such as gas flow rate, pressure, power level and plasma processing time can be freely set and then stored to produce a fully interlocked process cycle from a single key press. A handy status display and end-of-process audible alarm informs the user of every step in the process.


HPT-100 & HPT-200 | Plasma Surface Treatment

HPT-100 & HPT-200 | Plasma Surface Treatment

Key Features

  1. Gas Inlet Versatility:
    • Available in fixed, single, or dual gas inlet versions with an onboard gas mixing manifold to accommodate various gases like air, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, and more for optimized treatments.
    • Optional vapour delivery inlet for liquid precursors, expanding application possibilities.
  2. Comprehensive Material Handling:
    • Suited for diverse materials, including polymers, metals, glass, ceramics, PDMS, microfluidic devices, engineering polymers like PEEK, PTFE, metals, ceramics, and glass & optical devices.
  3. Process Control TFT Touchscreen:
    • TFT color touchscreen interface (5.7-inch) for easy user interaction and setting adjustments.
    • Allows setting and storing variables like gas flow rate, pressure, power level, and plasma processing time, streamlining the process into a one-keypress operation.
  4. Plasma Environment:
    • HPT-100: 100mm diameter plasma process chamber in stainless steel with vacuum-compatible materials.
    • HPT-200: Larger 150mm diameter plasma process chamber to accommodate more or larger samples.
    • Henniker’s proprietary, high-stability HPS plasma generator continuously variable over 0-100W/0-200W power range for precise control, especially with delicate materials.

Key Benefits

  1. Versatility and Future-Proofing:
    • Gas inlet options to suit budget and application, with the ability to add different options later, ensuring adaptability for evolving requirements.
  2. Reliable and Repeatable:
    • Precision flow control and integrated pressure gauge ensure unmatched reliability and repeatability by reducing errors common in gas flow and type settings found in manual setups.
  3. User-Friendly and Efficient:
    • Compact benchtop units that are easy to operate and navigate with the TFT interface.
    • Quick treatment times, ensuring efficiency in your processes.
  4. Environmentally Friendly:
    • No hazardous emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice for your workspace.

HPT-100 & HPT-200 | Plasma Surface Treatment

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HPT-100 & HPT-200 | Plasma Surface Treatment


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