Discount Products: Look through products available for a 25% – 50% discount in 2020. The items provided on a first come, first serve basis.
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Discount Products

Look through products available for a 25% – 50% discount in 2020. The items provided on a first come, first serve basis.


We are the leader in providing the cutting-edge technology to key industries.


We carry Raman imaging instruments.


SRC provides the latest applications as they come into focus.


We provide atomic force microscopes for the surface and characterization of a range of materials.


We provide the latest innovative rheology and viscometry products.

About Spectra Research Corporation

Welcome to Spectra Research Corporation (SRC), the foremost Canadian supplier of scientific instruments to governments, universities and commercial facilities. Save time searching for the scientific equipment you need from leading international brands—it’s all here, under one roof.

If your facility needs scientific instruments or advanced industrial analysis and support services, you will find only the highest quality products and innovative solutions right here on our one-stop website. This includes scientific equipment for materials testing, precision measurement and quality assurance and advanced optical and scientific instruments for all your demanding research applications.


3D Printing

As the bioprinting field continues to grow and mature, SRC provides the newest applications as they come into focus.

Atomic Force Microscopy

We provide force microscopes for imaging the surface of a range of materials from metals to semiconductors to biological tissue.

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Extrusion/Compounding/Mixing Solutions and Injection Molding

Products include lab-scale and bench-top extruders designed to meet the key challenges.

Materials Characterization

Materials characterization instruments analyze the physical and chemical composition of materials including Raman Microscopes and more.


Nanolithography is the branch of nanotechnology concerned with the study and application of fabricating nanometer-scale structures.

Nanomechanical Testing

Nanoscale mechanical properties are a key consideration in many surface science applications from cells to ceramics.

Particle Characterization

Our particle characterization instruments utilize dynamic and static light scattering to measure particle size distribution and more.

Rheology and Viscometry

We provide innovative rheology and viscometry products including rotational rheometers and microfluidic-based viscometers.

Stability Testing

Stability testing technology allows the complete characterization of the stability of concentrated dispersions, emulsions, suspensions and foams.


We carry instruments including light sources (lasers) and spectrometers for producing and measuring light over a wide wavelength range.

Surface Science

Surface science is the study of physical and chemical phenomena that occur at the interface of two phases.

Surface Plasmon Resonance

Surface Plasmon Resonance instruments are used for studying biomolecular interactions and conformational changes in real time.

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About Spectra Research

Spectra Research Corporation (SRC) offers a range of innovative high-quality scientific products and laboratory services to industrial and scientific markets throughout Canada.

Established in 1993, SRC is a subsidiary of Allan Crawford Associates (ACA), one of Canada’s largest distributors of electronic components, test equipment and integrated networking solutions.

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