Discount Products: Look through products available for a 25% – 50% discount in 2020. The items provided on a first come, first serve basis.
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Discount Products

Look through products available for a 25% – 50% discount. The items provided on a first come, first serve basis.


We are the leader in providing the cutting-edge technology to key industries.


SRC provides the latest applications as they come into focus.


We carry Raman imaging instruments.


We provide atomic force microscopes for the surface and characterization of a range of materials.


We provide the latest innovative rheology and viscometry products.

About Spectra Research Corporation

Welcome to Spectra Research Corporation (SRC), the foremost Canadian supplier of scientific instruments to governments, universities and commercial facilities. Save time searching for the scientific equipment you need from leading international brands—it’s all here, under one roof.

If your facility needs scientific instruments or advanced industrial analysis and support services, you will find only the highest quality products and innovative solutions right here on our one-stop website. This includes scientific equipment for materials testing, precision measurement and quality assurance and advanced optical and scientific instruments for all your demanding research applications.



As the bioprinting field continues to grow and mature, SRC provides the newest applications as they come into focus.

Materials Characterization

Materials characterization instruments analyze the physical and chemical composition of materials including Raman Microscopes and more.


We provide force microscopes for imaging the surface of a range of materials from metals to semiconductors to biological tissue.

Single Cell Research

Sphere Fluidic’s technology makes it possible to encapsulate and screen millions of individual cells or biological molecules in a single day.


We carry instruments including light sources (lasers) and spectrometers for producing and measuring light over a wide wavelength range.

Surface Science

Surface science is the study of physical and chemical phenomena that occur at the interface of two phases.

Featured Products

  • The DriveAFM, Nanosurf‘s new flagship instrument, utilizes the latest technology to deliver stable, high-end performance. It was designed to fulfill the needs of top notch research, today and in the future.

    • CleanDrive: stable excitation in air and liquid
    • Ultra low noise: below 15 fm/√Hz
    • Direct drive: high-resolution imaging and large scan area
    • Fully motorized system: full control via software


  • Cyto-Mine® – Antibody discovery and cell line development workflows streamlined like never before

    • Targeted Discovery – .Rapidly identify and isolate your rare cells of interest.
    • Monoclonality Assurance – Extensive proof of monoclonality for cell line development.
    • Significantly Reduce Timelines and Costs – Tens of millions of cells in pools or hundreds of thousands individually are screened in a single day.
    • Flexibility – Flexible assay design allows quantitative measurement of antibody secretion.
    • Sterility – The entire process is automated, sterile and Animal Origin Free. The Benchtop system is compatible for use in Class II biosafety cabinets.


  • Features & Benefits

    • Integrated method enabling to define contact angle and surface roughness accurately from the same location and to combine both surface chemical and topographical data with automated software calculations.
    • Offers fast surface characterization method, which does not demand specialist to run the samples.
    • Versatile roughness measurement: both 2D and 3D characterization..


    Theta Topography Module

    Theta Range Brochure


  • Bringing broadband NMR to your benchtop

    • Choose your nuclei
    • No need to compromise
    • Easy operation
    • Clearer spectra
    • Easy to maintain
    • Benchtop convenience
    • Ultimate stability
    • Ultimate stability


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New Supplier Announcement

SRC is pleased to announce that we have concluded an agreement with Cordouan Technologies to be exclusive distributor in Canada of their VASCO KIN™ particle analyzer— a role we take on with great enthusiasm. VASCO KIN™  The VASCO KIN™ is a Nanoparticle Size Analyzer. A new generation of time-resolved instruments for accurate kinetic analyses combined with […]

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About Spectra Research

Spectra Research Corporation (SRC) offers a range of innovative high-quality scientific products and laboratory services to industrial and scientific markets throughout Canada.

Established in 1993, SRC is a subsidiary of Allan Crawford Associates (ACA), one of Canada’s largest distributors of electronic components, test equipment and integrated networking solutions.

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