Viscometers & Rheometers

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    • Falling ball tube with holder
    • Set of 6 balls (No 1-6)
    • Instrument Case
    • Thermometer -1 °C bis +26 °C in 0,1 °C steps
    • Cleaning tools, calibration sheet, instruction manual


    • Smart alignment given by design and visualized by an electronic level
    • Quick coupling of measuring geometries for fast and easy adaptation
    • Color coded geometries and a geometry range indicator ensure correct rotor selection every time
    • Adaptable display brightness ensures ideal readability in any environment
    • Battery and power supply options allow the viscometer to be run anywhere
    • Memory assist functionality allows you to quickly and easily compare measured viscosities with the reference point
    • Selectable viscosity units (mPa s or dPa s)
    • Compatibility with previous viscometer models


    • Easy exchange between different measuring configurations for fast setup and operation
    • Comprehensive portfolio of measuring geometries and accessories to tailor your instrument
    • Smart lift function for convenient, accurate and reproducible gap setting
    • Correct and precise sample filling for parallel plates for ultimate measuring accuracy
    • Breakthrough concept self-explaining in setup and handling for error-proof operation
    • Convenient touch screen display for visualization of numerical and graphical measurement results
    • “Temperature Assist” rapid real sample temperature control based on a dynamic heat transfer model
    • “Connect Assist” quick coupling of measuring geometries and temperature modules with perfect alignment, automatic recognition and feedback for measuring optimization
    • Highly dynamic, powerful EC motor for flexibility across a range of materials and measurements


  • The Thermo ScientificTM HAAKETM MARSTM iQ Rheometer Series provides extensive flexibility and ease-of-use for daily quality control requirements.

    • Texture analysis of solid samples with fixtures for bending, breaking or squeezing tests
    • Universal container holder for measurements in original sample containers
    • Electrical temperature module for parallel plates with active upper heater for tests up to 400 °C
    • Disposable, parallel plate measuring geometries eliminate timeconsuming cleaning
    • Comprehensive pressure cell portfolio for tests up to 600 bar and 300 °C
    • Tribology cell based on ball-on-three-plates principle for testing friction, lubrication and wear
    • Serrated or sandblasted measuring geometries to eliminate wall slip of complex fluids
    • Optional 21 CFR part 11 module for HAAKE RheoWin Software to meet FDA requirements
    • Variety of sample covers including solvent trap to minimize solvent evaporation
    • Pin or ring rotor for investigation of drying processes
    • Large dimension building material cell with exchangeable lamella profiles
    • Coaxial cylinders with helical grooves or serration to avoid sedimentation and wall slip


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