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  • Theta Flex Auto 2 package with automatic double dispensing, droplet placement and horizontal sample movement. Automatic surface tension, contact angle and surface free energy. Includes Theta Flex frame with a high resolution / high speed camera, optics with zoom and focus, automatic x-direction sample stage, automatic dispenser holder for single/double dispenser, 2 automatic pipette tip dispensers and all-inclusive OneAttension software (TF300 + T320 + T302 + 2 x C311-300).

  • In-situ 4D Fabricating The World’s First Z-Axis Curved Surface Fabricating
    Bio-Hyperspace Creation Sterilized Environment : H14 HEPA Filter, UV Lamp
    Diverse Material Usage All US FDA-Approved Materials : Bioinks, Biopolymers, Ceramics, etc.
    High Accuracy High-Precision Step-Motor & Temperature Control
    User-Friendly Interface LCD Touch Screen, Android OS, Wi-Fi, Remote Monitoring


  • For testing the quality and processability of those materials, the single-screw laboratory extruder 19/25 QC is a proven tool. With over 35 years of expertise, we have developed a wide variety of different screw designs that are guaranteed to provide the best performance.

    Typical applications for single-screw extruders are as follow:

    • Testing melting behavior
    • Testing individual and combined influences of additives (stabilizer, lubricant) and functional additives (antioxidation, UV-stabilizers, pigments and fillers)
    • Processability of newly developed materials
    • Manufacturing homogeneous melts
    • Manufacturing films, foils, strands and profiles for optical and mechanical testing as well as outdoor exposure tests
    • Measuring rheological behaviour (viscosity, elasticity)
    • Foam extrusion
    • Extrusion of PVC compounds
    • Blown films
    • Cast films and sheet
    • Extrusion of ceramic materials or PIM-compounds
    • Rheological testing with special dies

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