Raman Spectroscopy and Imaging Systems

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  • The world’s best selling high-performance Raman microscope

    • Designed, developed and refined over more than two decades to make it the most trusted Raman instrument on the market.
    • Superior, research-grade Raman microscope for your current and future needs.
    • Designed using Renishaw’s proven expertise in precision and innovative engineering.
    • Built to last: upgrade, reconfigure, or customise – the inVia Raman microscope is a sound investment.
    • Available in three models: inVia Basis; inVia Reflex and inVia Qontor®.
    • Many options and accessories are available to suit your analytical requirements and budget.
  • The advantages of the RA802 pharmaceutical analyser include:

    • Ease of use – no need for expert users.
    • Small footprint.
    • No need for sample preparation.
    • Simple method development.
    • Internal reference standards.
    • No risk of contamination.
    • Relate formulation properties to real-world outcomes.
    • High performance portable fibre coupled Raman system
    • High spatial resolution x/y <1 µm, z <2 µm
    • Live white light sample viewing for accurate sample targeting
    • Motorised x/y/z stack that enables accurate objective positioning for single point or mapping purposes
    • Work with objective lens pointing downwards or horizontally

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