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Surface Science

Surface science is the study of physical and chemical phenomena that occur at the interface of two phases, including solid–liquid interfaces, solid–gas interfaces, solid–vacuum interfaces, and liquid–gas interfaces. It includes the fields of surface chemistry and surface physics.

Below is a list of partners we work with in this field:

Physical Electronics

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    • Form deviation from 3D CAD models
    • Calibration of surface texture measuring instruments
    • Sub-micron height repeatability over entire extended area
    • One shot height measurement up to 40 mm without Z scanning
    • Bi-telecentric lenses with very low field distortion providing accurate metrology


  • Simply powerful

    • Sample Navigation – An overview tool helps the user to inspect the sample during measurement preparation
    • Auto 3D Function – the SensoSCAN software automatically
    • Analysis & Reporting – It is also possible to create analysis templates
    • Automating procedures module – Automated measurements are obtained using the Recipes tool
    • Extended measurements module – Allows the user to easily define the measurement layout on the surface by means of the overview image


    • Complete accessibility
    • Cover a wide range of scales
    • Maximum versatility
    • A complete 3D measurement
    • Measure angles greater than 90º
    • Measurements without limitation
    • Accurate and reliable


    • Flexible. Powerful.
    • 3D auto function
    • Live image options
    • Designed to be
    • simple and easy to use
    • It is time to play. . .
    • uses premium CF60-2 Nikon objectives
    • Obtain a clear and well-structured report
    • Adaptable column – Flexible options are designed to avoid restrictions between samples with differing heights.


    • Integrable metrology solutions
    • Robust, rugged and reliable
    • Versatile or fast
    • Maximum measurement versatility
    • Unprecedented high speed
    • Compact, light and orientation agnostic


    • Powerful Analysis Software
    • 3D exportable in multiple formats
    • Simple yet powerful, designed for you
    • Smart calculations tool for key parameters
    • The most perceptive visualization of your topographies
    • Customizable reports for more flexible results presentations


    • Easy to use
    • Completely modularly adaptable to customer requirements
    • Two levels (standard and premium) and several modules are available
    • Digital Surf, is an extremely powerful tool for analysis nad reporting


  • Rapid Quality Control

    • Guide tool for the QC manager
    • Extremely fast
    • Command line available
    • Parameter statistical analysis module
    • Exportable reports in multiple formats
    • Automatized custom analysis solutions


    • Research grade optical microscope with 6 x objective turret
    • Video system: color video camera
    • LED white-light source for Köhler illumination of tip and sample
    • Manual sample or motorized positioning in x- and y-direction
    • Microscope base with active vibration isolation system
    • Various piezo-driven scan stages, fully capacitive feedback-controlled


    • Spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit (ca. 60 nm laterally)
    • Unique patented SNOM sensor technique
    • Ease-of-use in air and liquids
    • Various Atomic Force Microscopy modes included
    • Non-destructive imaging technique with minimal, if any, sample preparation
    • Upgradeable with confocal Raman imaging in one microscope



    • access to high-performance Raman spectroscopy and spectral Raman mapping
    • access to high-quality and ultra-precise optical microscopy components
    • access to exceptional spectral quality provided by the WITec UHTS spectrometer series
    • access to class-leading capability within challenging budget environments
    • access to the WITec Raman and imaging know-how
    • access to the future of Raman spectroscopy through upgradeability


    • An inverted beam path allows liquid samples to be placed on the fixed plane of the stage for quick and repeatable measurements.
    • The motorized sample stage also facilitates the mounting of environmental enclosures and other accessories.
    • Bulky samples that would be challenging to investigate underneath a conventional microscope objective turret can be accommodated by placing them on the stage of the alpha300 Ri.
    • Compatible with other microscopy techniques including: fluorescence, differential interference contrast (DIC) and phase-contrast
    • Features all the unique and established imaging and spectroscopy capabilities of the WITec alpha300 R series.
    • Non-destructive imaging technique: no staining of fixation of the sample required


  • Contact angle meter for all your measurement needs. Theta Flex is designed to fit both research and quality control.

    • Static contact angle
      Sessile drop, captive bubble and meniscus methods
    • Dynamic contact angle
      Dynamic contact angle, advancing and receding contact angle, contact angle hysteresis and roll-off angle
    • Surface free energy
      Sessile drop, captive bubble and meniscus methods
    • Surface- and interfacial tension
      Pendant drop and reverse pendant drop methods
    • Roughness-corrected contact angle and 3D surface roughness
      Fringe projection phase shifting method
    • Interfacial dilatational rheology
      Pulsating drop method


  • Features & Benefits

    • Integrated method enabling to define contact angle and surface roughness accurately from the same location and to combine both surface chemical and topographical data with automated software calculations.
    • Offers fast surface characterization method, which does not demand specialist to run the samples.
    • Versatile roughness measurement: both 2D and 3D characterization..


    Theta Topography Module

    Theta Range Brochure


  • Features & Benefits

    • Interfacial tension and contact angle measurements in high pressures and temperatures. Automatic analysis by OneAttension software will provide the results easily and quickly.
    • Optimal for mimicking oil reservoir conditions. Interfacial tension and contact angle give an accurate and quantitative measure of the wettability in reservoirs.
    • Unique piston design enables to use surfactants also in high pressures with constant concentrations.

    Product Overview

    Theta Range Brochur


  • Optical tensiometer especially suitable for interfacial rheology with the pulsating drop method.

    • Interfacial dilatational rheology 
      Pulsating drop method
    • Surface- and interfacial tension
      Pendant drop and reverse pendant drop methods
    • Static contact angle
      Sessile drop, captive bubble, and meniscus methods
    • Surface free energy
      Sessile drop, captive bubble, and meniscus methods
    • Dynamic contact angle
      Dynamic contact angle, advancing and receding contact angle, contact angle hysteresis, and roll-off angle
    • Roughness-corrected contact angle and 3D surface roughness
      Fringe projection phase shifting method


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