Surface Science

Surface science is the study of physical and chemical phenomena that occur at the interface of two phases, including solid–liquid interfaces, solid–gas interfaces, solid–vacuum interfaces, and liquid–gas interfaces. It includes the fields of surface chemistry and surface physics.

Below is a list of partners we work with in this field:

Physical Electronics

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  • The Cirrus Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System is a versatile and user-friendly solution for plasma coatings, plasma etching, and surface activation on a wide range of materials, including polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics. Its compact design, integrated airflow regulation, and I/O subsystem make it easy to integrate into production lines or robotic cells. The system boasts integrated gas monitoring and control, ensuring precise and repeatable treatments. It offers fast, localized pre-treatment, ultra-fine cleaning, and superior surface activation, resulting in high-quality outcomes. What sets Cirrus apart is its cost-efficiency, with low operating costs and seamless integration into automated lines. The system excels in repeatability and reliability, consistently delivering excellent results. In summary, Cirrus is the go-to solution for businesses seeking a versatile, cost-efficient, and reliable method for plasma treatments and material modification.

  • Introducing Henniker’s HPT-100 & HPT-200 Plasma Treatment Systems, cutting-edge, microprocessor-controlled benchtop units designed for optimal surface activation, cleaning, and modification of a diverse array of materials. Whether you’re looking for precise plasma etching or functional plasma coatings, these systems offer unmatched versatility and reliability. Elevate your surface treatment processes with the HPT-100 & HPT-200.

  • Introducing our HPT-300 and HPT-500 plasma treatment systems, meticulously designed for precision in surface engineering. These benchtop marvels are optimized for plasma coatings, plasma etching, and surface activation, offering unparalleled versatility across a spectrum of materials, from polymers and metals to glass and ceramics.

  • NEBULA Plasma Treatment Systems offer a revolution in surface activation and coatings. Designed for both industrial processing and research, NEBULA systems come in chamber sizes from 30L to 150L and offer various tray configurations. Key features include plasma polymerization, PLC control, and user-friendly recipe-driven operations. The systems are compact, eco-friendly with no hazardous emissions, and provide fast, precise, and repeatable treatments. The unique liquid dosing inlet further extends the range of plasma surface treatment possibilities. NEBULA is suitable for applications like cleaning, adhesion improvement, and nano-scale coatings on metals, polymers, composites, ceramics, and glass. It’s a versatile and safe solution that’s compatible with a wide range of materials, offering unparalleled precision, user-friendliness, and sustainability in the field of plasma treatment. Experience the future of plasma technology with NEBULA systems.

  • Introducing the Nimbus Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System, a cutting-edge dual-nozzle apparatus designed for surface activation, cleaning, and modification across diverse materials like polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics. With an intuitive interface and seamless integration capabilities, Nimbus ensures ease of operation, whether benchtop or rack-mounted. This system offers precise, repeatable treatments, including plasma cleaning and surface activation, catering to various industries. Its integrated gas monitoring and low operation costs make it a versatile and cost-effective choice. Nimbus guarantees reliability through continuous parameter control and safety interlocks, ensuring consistent results for long-term, trouble-free operation. Elevate your materials with Nimbus and embrace a new era of surface treatment.

  • The S mart 2 is the only autonomous areal confocal profilometer available on the market, and it is incredibly easy to install as it requires only two single connections (ethernet cable and a power supply). Its narrow width allows the integrable head to be installed in even the most difficult of zones, while its easy integration is enabled by the presence of all the electronics, including the computing power, inside the head. Furthermore, its highefficiency passive cooling system ensures that the system is always ready to work.

  • The S neox Cleanroom is a technological milestone without precedent in optical metrology. This version of the S neox has been carefully engineered to overcome the strict test to be ISO Class 1 and ESD compatible. The S neox Cleanroom has all the versatility that comes with an S neox and matches with the production environments typical of medical devices, microfluidics, and semiconductors industries.

    • The SA-9600 series of surface area analyzers offers fast, convenient, and cost-effective measurements of surface area on a wide range of materials.
    • It allows for ultra-fast single or multi-point surface area measurements with easy operation.
    • The analyzers utilize the flowing gas method to acquire gas adsorption and desorption data, which is then used to calculate total surface area using the BET method.
    • The flowing gas method is particularly advantageous in single-point mode, enabling up to thirty sample analyses per hour.
    • The patented SA-9600 technology enables routine total surface area determination in as little as two to six minutes.
    • The SA-9603 models have three stations for simultaneous surface area measurements.


  • Introducing our advanced TEM Plasma Treatment System, a cost-effective solution optimized for plasma coatings, plasma etching, and surface activation. This fully automated system is designed for TEM sample holders, offering versatile compatibility, variable power control, and extended dwell time for precise and efficient cleaning. It includes low-power operation, a front-feed sample holder, multiple cleaning capabilities, re-entrant style compatibility, and dual gas inlets. Enjoy application-specific benefits, a user-friendly interface, and versatile adapters. Upgrade your electron microscopy with this cutting-edge plasma treatment system for streamlined, error-free cleaning and sample preparation.

    • Form deviation from 3D CAD models
    • Calibration of surface texture measuring instruments
    • Sub-micron height repeatability over entire extended area
    • One shot height measurement up to 40 mm without Z scanning
    • Bi-telecentric lenses with very low field distortion providing accurate metrology


  • Simply powerful

    • Sample Navigation – An overview tool helps the user to inspect the sample during measurement preparation
    • Auto 3D Function – the SensoSCAN software automatically
    • Analysis & Reporting – It is also possible to create analysis templates
    • Automating procedures module – Automated measurements are obtained using the Recipes tool
    • Extended measurements module – Allows the user to easily define the measurement layout on the surface by means of the overview image


    • Complete accessibility
    • Cover a wide range of scales
    • Maximum versatility
    • A complete 3D measurement
    • Measure angles greater than 90º
    • Measurements without limitation
    • Accurate and reliable


    • Flexible. Powerful.
    • 3D auto function
    • Live image options
    • Designed to be
    • simple and easy to use
    • It is time to play. . .
    • uses premium CF60-2 Nikon objectives
    • Obtain a clear and well-structured report
    • Adaptable column – Flexible options are designed to avoid restrictions between samples with differing heights.


    • Integrable metrology solutions
    • Robust, rugged and reliable
    • Versatile or fast
    • Maximum measurement versatility
    • Unprecedented high speed
    • Compact, light and orientation agnostic


    • Powerful Analysis Software
    • 3D exportable in multiple formats
    • Simple yet powerful, designed for you
    • Smart calculations tool for key parameters
    • The most perceptive visualization of your topographies
    • Customizable reports for more flexible results presentations


    • Easy to use
    • Completely modularly adaptable to customer requirements
    • Two levels (standard and premium) and several modules are available
    • Digital Surf, is an extremely powerful tool for analysis nad reporting


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