Nimbus Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System

Nimbus Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System

Introducing the Nimbus Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System, a cutting-edge dual-nozzle apparatus designed for surface activation, cleaning, and modification across diverse materials like polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics. With an intuitive interface and seamless integration capabilities, Nimbus ensures ease of operation, whether benchtop or rack-mounted. This system offers precise, repeatable treatments, including plasma cleaning and surface activation, catering to various industries. Its integrated gas monitoring and low operation costs make it a versatile and cost-effective choice. Nimbus guarantees reliability through continuous parameter control and safety interlocks, ensuring consistent results for long-term, trouble-free operation. Elevate your materials with Nimbus and embrace a new era of surface treatment.

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Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology with the Nimbus, a dual nozzle atmospheric plasma treatment system. Designed to perfection, the Nimbus is your ideal solution for surface activation, cleaning, and modification across a wide spectrum of materials, including polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics.


  • Ease of Operation: The Nimbus boasts an intuitive front panel soft-keypad, making it exceptionally user-friendly. Additionally, it’s seamlessly compatible with external control equipment, thanks to the rear panel Sub-D connector. This provides a wide range of I/O control inputs and status read-back, facilitating integration into automated production lines or robotic systems.
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience: The Nimbus can be powered using a standard single-phase electrical outlet and requires only compressed air to operate. Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated setups.
  • Built-in Airflow Regulation: The compact controller features an interlocked airflow regulation unit as standard, eliminating the need for extra equipment. Your plasma treatments are now more straightforward than ever.

Atmospheric Plasma Advantages:

The Nimbus Atmospheric Plasma System – Elevating Your Material Treatments to the Next Level!

  • Versatile Application: The Nimbus tackles a wide array of specific treatments and material enhancements, including plasma cleaning, surface activation for improved adhesion, treatment of engineering polymers like PEEK, PCBs, metals, ceramics, and glass.
  • Compact and Adaptable: Whether you require a benchtop setup or rack-mounted configuration, the Nimbus delivers. It’s adaptable to your workspace.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our soft-key interface simplifies operation. You’ll be up and running in no time, achieving precise and repeatable results.
  • Seamless Integration: The I/O subsystem enables effortless integration into your production line. Monitor and control the system’s gas parameters with ease.
  • Gas Monitoring & Control: The Nimbus comes equipped with integrated gas monitoring and control features, ensuring the utmost precision in your treatments.
  • High-Quality Results: Expect nothing less than the highest quality treatments. The Nimbus excels in delivering localized treatments, addressing your specific needs with precision.
  • Cost-Efficient Operation: Say hello to very low operation costs. The Nimbus seamlessly integrates with automated lines, boosting your productivity.


  • Versatility: The Nimbus opens doors to a broad range of applications, making it a valuable asset for your business.
  • Repeatable and Reliable: Count on the Nimbus to consistently produce outstanding results. Its continuous monitoring and control of plasma parameters and gas delivery guarantee unwavering performance. Safety interlocks ensure trouble-free, long-term operation.


The Nimbus Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System – Elevate your materials, streamline your processes, and redefine your success. Welcome to the future of surface treatment!


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