Food Rheology Webinar

Food Rheology Webinar – Before you press ‘start’


Food Rheology – What to do before you press ‘start’

Mouthfeel… Spreadability… Appearance… Stability for shelf-life… Testing the structure of a food is essential to ensure the final product appeals to consumers. The results need to be reliable and food samples are sensitive.

Key rheological results can be thrown off by some easy slip-ups in sample handling or the test method itself. This live webinar reviews the critical steps before pressing ‘start’ on your rheometer:

  • Sample handling
  • Sample loading
  • Sufficient recovery
  • Design of test method

Dr. Klaus Oldoerp, Sr. Applications Specialist,
Material Characterization, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Tuesday, February 14

Session 1 Time:
8:00 am EST / 14:00 CET 
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Session 2 Time:
11:00 am EST / 17:00 CET 
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45 minutes +
15 minutes for Q&A

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