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The HORIBA Scientific provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automotive R&D, process and environmental monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing and metrology, to a broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements. Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA Brand.


Particle Characterization

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    • Extra-wide measuring range, individually adjustable
    • Variable measuring time – below 5 minutes
    • High-performance camera with telecentric lenses
    • Fast, simple operation via SOP control
    • High-performance, integrated image analysis software ISS
    • Extensive library for morphological analysis
    • Useful tools for reliable quality monitoring
    • Practical report generator for individual presentation of results
    • Meets the requirements of ISO 13322-2 for Dynamic Image Analysis


  • With the use of the Eyecon2 – Direct Imaging Particle Analyzer, clients may better comprehend particle size and shape variation, which allows them to ascertain why a process is failing, why yield is decreasing, the cause of product variation, and if or how a process should be scaled up for commercial manufacture.

    Eyecon2 has reduced cycle time and increased yields due to its use of Fluidised Bed Coating (e.g. Wurster), fluidised bed Granulation/Drying, Twin Screw Granulation, Dry Granamination/Roller Compaction, Extrusion Spheronisation, Milling, Blending, and product transfer process equipment. It uses direct imaging processed in real-time, with ellipses fitted to each particle’s boundary, shape and size reported back, highlighting variations. Continuous monitoring of processes critical quality attributes (CQAs) can be used to devise a data-driven control strategy, and non-product contact is used to ensure proper measurements every time.


  • Nanotechnology research and development is a continuously evolving effort to control atomic and molecular substances to achieve new and better materials and products. SZ-100V2 – Nanoparticle Analyzer analyzes three parameters: particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight. They provide a high-sensitivity, high-accuracy analysis of each measurement parameter.


    • The Partica CENTRIFUGE CN-300 is a high-resolution particle size distribution analyzer that uses centrifugation.
    • It has a measurement range of 10 nm – 40 μm and applies the centrifugal force of up to 30,000g.
    • Temperature control is used to ensure accurate measurement results for various samples.
    • It offers precision measurement for both undiluted and dilute samples.
    • The centrifugation technique allows for capturing small amounts of foreign particles and agglomerations.
    • The instrument maintains stable measurement over long periods by preventing temperature increases in the sample.
    • It is designed for robust and easy use, with a simple cell setup and easy cleaning and replacement of the cuvette-type cell.


  • The following are some characteristics of the Partica LA-960V2: Particle Size Analyzer:

    1. Advanced Detector Design: The performance of the system as a whole is influenced by the quantity of detectors, angular range, and layout.
    2. Greater Instrument-to-Instrument Precision: The LA-960V2 is engineered to deliver the same performance independent of the LA-960V2’s date of manufacture, the operator’s skill level, or the user’s location. Without the trouble of correlation, get unparalleled instrument agreement.
    3. Automated Laser Alignment in Seconds: With computer-controlled laser alignment, measurements are always accurate. The revolutionary method used by HORIBA allows the alignment procedure to be completed in only a few seconds.
    4. Accuracy and Precision Guaranteed: The LA-960V2 is a highly developed particle size analyzer that can precisely measure NIST-traceable size standards to within 0.6% of specification. Complete adherence to ISO 13320 standards for material measurement on the D10, D50, and D90.


  • The LA-350 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution Analyzer from HORIBA offers a combination of high functionality, simple operation, low maintenance, and affordability while maintaining the accuracy, precision, and resolution of earlier LA-series analyzers.

    • Flexible Operation: Readily adapt to changing measurement needs with a wider size range and flexible software.
    • Simple Operation: One button operation is possible by using the methods and sequence options built into the software.
    • Fast Analysis: Get answers now with quick measurement and analysis.
  • The PSA300 has the following noteworthy qualities:

    • Offers particle size and particle shape information.
    • Very good sensitivity and precision.
    • The picture analysis process may be used again without changing the results.
    • High Throughput.
    • Automatically calculates several measurements on thousands of unique particles at once.
    • The PSA300 imaging workstation enables the control of user rights, the audit trail of critical actions, electronic signatures, and overwrite protection of all electronic documents.


    • The SA-9600 series of surface area analyzers offers fast, convenient, and cost-effective measurements of surface area on a wide range of materials.
    • It allows for ultra-fast single or multi-point surface area measurements with easy operation.
    • The analyzers utilize the flowing gas method to acquire gas adsorption and desorption data, which is then used to calculate total surface area using the BET method.
    • The flowing gas method is particularly advantageous in single-point mode, enabling up to thirty sample analyses per hour.
    • The patented SA-9600 technology enables routine total surface area determination in as little as two to six minutes.
    • The SA-9603 models have three stations for simultaneous surface area measurements.


    • The ViewSizer 3000 is an advanced analyzer for exosomes, viruses, and nanoparticles.
    • It uses multiple lasers for accurate and detailed analysis of particles in a sample.
    • The device simultaneously measures particle size and concentration across a wide range of sizes.
    • It adjusts laser power to avoid saturation or weak scattering, ensuring precise data.
    • The ViewSizer 3000 is designed for easy cleaning to prevent cross-contamination.
    • It provides accurate and sensitive analysis without the risk of cross-contamination.


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