Nanosurf Customizing

Nanosurf Customizing

AFM systems fully tailored to your specifications

  • Meeting to understan your requirements
  • Nansosurf outlines solution
  • joint discussion of solution,
  • adaptation solution concept
  • order based on concept


Introducing the Nanosurf Customizing

About our customizing process

As atomic force microscopes continue to enter more and more areas of applications, especially in industry, production processes and quality control, standard AFM systems are often not suitable for the task at hand. For these cases, when you need the AFM to be fully integrated in a process, or your samples are too large for standard setups, Nanosurf offers the unique service of designing and developing custom AFM systems and stages that will allow you to perform your measurements with minimal disruption of your established process.

Nanosurf Customizing

Nanosurf Customizing

Key Features

Curved surface

Automated XZΘ translation stage
Max. traverse path XZ/Θ 250/60 mm / 100°
Sample size max. Ø380 mm x 220 mm
Stage size 450 mm x 550 mm x 460 mm
Noise level <0.5Å

AFM measurements on large concave or convex samples require the scan head to rotate such that the cantilever approaches the surface under the same angle on every location. Economic full 360° manual rotation of the sample platform and motorized
XZΘ-travel ensures to reach every point on the sample.


This micrometer transfer stage allows the examination of a sample with an inverted optical microscope, where the sample faces down, and with AFM, where the sample faces up. The sample – a glass lens – is fixed in place after the area of interest is located using the optical microscope and then flipped over and transferred to the AFM with a repositioning accuracy of better than 10µm.


Automated XYZΘΦ translation and goniometer stage
Max. traverse path XYZ/ΘΦ 72/46/5 mm / ±5°
Sample platform size 75 mm x 50 mm
Sample size max. 75 mm x 50 mm x 13 mm

Precision alignment stage: two goniometer stages and three highly sensitive force sensors were incorporated to allow automated levelling of a sample plane with respect to the scan head within 0.005°. Humidity control and a custom built cantilever holder were developed to facilitate nano-imprint lithography. LEE, I.-Ning, et al. Large-area scanning probe nanolithography facilitated by automated alignment and its application to substrate fabrication for cell culture studies. JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), 2018, Nr. 136, S. e56967. WANG, Shuai, et al. Large-area scanning probe nanolithography facilitated by automated alignment of probe arrays. RSC Advances, 2015, 5. Jg., Nr. 75, S. 61402-61409.


Key Benefits

Sometimes custom adaptations make the difference

Do you need to perform AFM measurements, but your samples are large, require special handling or your experiments go beyond established techniques and methods? We take your needs seriously and will jointly work with you on a solution. In close cooperation and in continuous dialog with you, our instrument development team will design and construct a system tailored to your exact needs. Contact us with a first description of your needs and we‘ll be happy to get back to you to discuss your project in depth.


Nanosurf Customizing

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System workflow and specifications

Flex-ANA system workflow
Mounting and calibrating the cantilever
  • Automated measurement and calculation of deflection sensitivity and spring constant
  • Spring constant calibration based on the Sader Method
  • Resonance frequency and Q-factor extraction from thermal noise power spectrum
  • Frequency range 0–5 MHz
Sample loading and overview image
  • 35 mm × 35 mm sample platform
  • Overview image covering up to 80 mm × 60 mm
Definition of measurement locations and conditions
  • Measurement locations can be defined on the optical overview image
  • Measurement conditions, e.g. contact force, indentation velocity or resolution, can be defined in the Flex-ANA software
Start of the automated measurement
  • Autonomous measurements at defined locations
  • Automatic sample approach at each location with a maximum approach range of 5 mm
  • Real-time data analysis (elastic modulus in the range of 0.1 kPa – 20 GPa(1), adhesion, height, slope of contact region)
  • Map and histogram are available for each analysis parameter
Analysis optimization
  • Integrated data browser with data preview
  • Various contact mechanics models (Hertz, Sneddon, DMT, 4-Sided Pyramid)
Results Export of final histograms and maps
(1)Accessible modulus range depends on choice of cantilever
MTS 32 specifications
Range (X / Y / Z) 32 / 32 / 5 mm
Optional σZ range 100 µm
Positioning accuracy (X / Y / Z / σZ) <1 / <1 / <1 / <0.001 µm
Repositioning accuracy (X / Y / Z) <2 µm