Surface Science

Surface science is the study of physical and chemical phenomena that occur at the interface of two phases, including solid–liquid interfaces, solid–gas interfaces, solid–vacuum interfaces, and liquid–gas interfaces. It includes the fields of surface chemistry and surface physics.

Below is a list of partners we work with in this field:

Physical Electronics

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    • Comprehensive package of sampling accessories
    • State of the art BWIQ® multivariate analysis software package
    • Intuitive interface for analysis
    • Spectral data including exploratory
    • Qualitative, and quantitative analysis
    • It’s written in a step-by-step workflow for easy model development.


  • 100% Unique Enclosures

    • Custom Sizes and Form Factors for Acoustic Enclosures
    • Custom Colors and Silk Screen Logo Application
    • Variable Mounting and Shelving
    • Feedthroughs and Interlocks
    • Handles and Hardware Selection
    • Safety and Ergonomic Modifications
    • Environmental Solutions


  • EM acoustic enclosure can be customized to the electron microscope’s specific requirements and research needs, ensuring the researcher receives optimal results from their microscope.

    • Uncompromised AFM performance integrated with optical microscopy
    • Simple, high-resolution imaging in liquid on soft biological samples
    • Performance leadership in force spectroscopy and force mechanics
    • Unmatched versatility to satisfy the diverse needs of multiple users
    • Unrivaled support from bio-AFM experts to get the results you need



    • Scanned, micro-focused, monochromatic x-ray beam
    • X-ray beam induced secondary electron imaging
    • Dual beam charge neutralization
    • Large area XPS
    • Micro-area XPS
    • Chemical state imaging with 128 data channels
    • Sputter depth profiling
    • Floating column argon ion gun
    • Compucentric Zalar rotation
    • Angle dependent XPS
    • Five axis automated sample manipulator
    • 25 mm and 60 mm diameter sample holders


    • Thermal Scanning Probe cantilevers with ultra-sharp tips
    • 3D nanolithography
    • In-situ metrology with sub-nm resolution for overlay, stitching & closed-loop lithography
    • Real-time, automatic tuning of patterning parameters
    • Short overall fabrication time, no resist development needed
    • Stand-alone unit with low requirements on infrastructure (no vacuum or high voltages required)
    • High degree of customization and automatization
    • Ideal for small workpieces up to a size of 4-inch
    • Compatibility with various transfer processes and materials
    • Exchange and calibration of cantilevers within one minute


  • Efficient Acoustic Isolation that Rests on Any Desktop! The Silencer acoustic enclosure is Herzan’s solution for AFM/SPM setups that require versatility and ease of use. Herzan began working with makers and users of SPMs to develop a solution that is ideally suited to the needs of a modern research lab. The Silencer combines the high quality features that have become standard to all Herzan enclosures, with an amazing cost-effective value for acoustic isolation.


  • Features & Benefits

    • Interfacial tension and contact angle measurements in high pressures and temperatures. Automatic analysis by OneAttension software will provide the results easily and quickly.
    • Optimal for mimicking oil reservoir conditions. Interfacial tension and contact angle give an accurate and quantitative measure of the wettability in reservoirs.
    • Unique piston design enables to use surfactants also in high pressures with constant concentrations.

    Product Overview

    Theta Range Brochur


  • Features & Benefits

    • Integrated method enabling to define contact angle and surface roughness accurately from the same location and to combine both surface chemical and topographical data with automated software calculations.
    • Offers fast surface characterization method, which does not demand specialist to run the samples.
    • Versatile roughness measurement: both 2D and 3D characterization..


    Theta Topography Module

    Theta Range Brochure


    • Reproducibility in measurement conditions
    • Optimal laser power determination for preservation of delicate samples
    • Power series measurements enabled; laser power-induced spectral changes made quantifiable
    • Automated documentation of laser settings
    • Feedback-controlled adjustment
  • Large Area Profilometry for Topographic Raman Imaging

    • Allows confocal Raman imaging guided by surface topography
    • Enables the precise tracing of the surface while acquiring Raman imaging data, resulting in a true surface Raman image
    • Evolutionary imaging mode is an integrated sensor for optical profilometry.
    • It is directly installed at the microscope turret.
    • It is user-friendly and convenient while operating.


  • Elegant Combination of Low-profile and High Performance. Onyx vibration isolation table is designed to isolate sensitive equipment from vibrations caused by foot traffic, HVAC systems, nearby operating machinery, etc. It consists of a steel tabletop supported by pneumatic isolators, which are easily inflated using an air-pump or other automatic air source. The Onyx Series integrates effortlessly with The Silencer acoustic enclosure to provide a complete environmental solution.


    • An inverted beam path allows liquid samples to be placed on the fixed plane of the stage for quick and repeatable measurements.
    • The motorized sample stage also facilitates the mounting of environmental enclosures and other accessories.
    • Bulky samples that would be challenging to investigate underneath a conventional microscope objective turret can be accommodated by placing them on the stage of the alpha300 Ri.
    • Compatible with other microscopy techniques including: fluorescence, differential interference contrast (DIC) and phase-contrast
    • Features all the unique and established imaging and spectroscopy capabilities of the WITec alpha300 R series.
    • Non-destructive imaging technique: no staining of fixation of the sample required


  • The WITec Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope alpha300 S operates using a unique near-field objective. It is mounted in the objective turret and provides access to SNOM or AFM.


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