S mart 2 – Autonomous Areal Confocal Profilometer

S mart 2 – Autonomous Areal Confocal Profilometer

The S mart 2 is the only autonomous areal confocal profilometer available on the market, and it is incredibly easy to install as it requires only two single connections (ethernet cable and a power supply). Its narrow width allows the integrable head to be installed in even the most difficult of zones, while its easy integration is enabled by the presence of all the electronics, including the computing power, inside the head. Furthermore, its highefficiency passive cooling system ensures that the system is always ready to work.


The S mart 2 is the market’s only autonomous areal confocal profilometer. Its powerful features and compact design make it a breakthrough in the optical field. S mart 2 is must when high standards of lateral resolution, accuracy, and repeatability are required by the customer.  The sensor head incorporates all the electronics, even the computing power, to facilitate its integration. Apart from Confocal, the S mart 2 has in the same head two more optical technologies: Ai Focus Variation and Interferometry (CSI), which allow the customer to scan with the most appropriate technique for the task at hand.

The Areal Confocal Head:

The S mart 2 areal confocal capability images an area at a time, so the lateral resolution and X and Y remain the same, unlike point or line confocal chromatics. In addition, our areal measurements are traceable to certified calibration specimens from national measurement institutions such as PTB, NPL or NIST. Areal measurements will always be the closest representation to the real surface topography.


Autonomous Areal Confocal Profilometer

Features and Benefits:

  1. Performance you’ll want to see:
    To scan with the most suitable technology, the S mart 2 (Autonomous Areal Confocal Profilometer) comes with three technologies to measure in the same head: Ai Focus Variation, Confocal and Interferometry.
  2. Easy to fit, easy to connect:
    The shape of the integrable head has been engineered to improve the fitting of the system. Its narrow width allows the integrable head to be installed in zones that will not interfere with the user or the manufacturing operations. Designed to be exceptionally easy to integrate, the S mart 2 has all the electronics inside the head, including the computing power. Never before has it been so easy to install a Sensofar system, the S mart 2 has two single connections: an ethernet cable and a power supply.


Autonomous Areal Confocal Profilometer


Our sensors product portfolio has been designed to fulfill the automatization typically required in manufacturing lines. The measurement is done with just one click, the sensor finds the focus, optimizes the light and Z range and the user gets the result.

Specifications for S mart 2 (Autonomous Areal Confocal Profilometer):

Autonomous Areal Confocal Profilometer


Dimensions and Specifications

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