surface metrology guided

Last call to expand your knowledge in surface metrology guided

metrology guided
In the culmination of an incredible Month of Webinar Trainings, we invite you to join our Technologies Master Class next week!

During this final session, we will review and complement everything we have learned together these past few weeks and we will discuss the optical technologies developed and mastered by Sensofar with our most distinguished expert, our President & CTO Dr. Roger Artigas.

 Dr. Artigas PhD in physics (optical engineering) is deeply involved in the research and dissemination of 3D surface metrology methods and holder of several patents in the field, he is even member of the technical committee of the working group drawing up of the ISO 25178 standard: Geometrical Product Specification (GPS) – surface texture: Areal.  

All our expertise through a brief webinar training, specifically designed to help you learn more about the unlimited world of surface metrology.

Working principles and comparison of the main optical techniques for the surface metrology

surface metrology guided Guided by Dr. Roger Artigas

PhD in physics (optical engineering)

Holder of several patents in the field of optical surface metrology Member of the technical committee of the ISO 25178 Founder of Sensofar Tech SL in 2001


Optical Metrology Techniques, the MasterClass!

We will explain everything we know for you.

We will simplify the complexity of the most used optical measurement technologies and provide you with a guide to know when and how to use them.

How much do you know about Confocal, Interferometry and Focus Variation?