IR spectroscopy

Webinar: O-PTIR – Breaking the Limits of Traditional IR Spectroscopy

  • Simultaneous IR and Raman microscopy – IRaman
  • Submicron IR spatial resolution
  • Non-contact measurement

Successfully identifying contaminants is a critical step in ensuring that both product quality and yield are maintained during failure analysis. With ever stricter control standards and the shrinking size of high-tech products, confidently identifying smaller contaminants is becoming increasingly important. While high spatial resolution techniques exist for elemental and inorganic analysis, identification of organic contamination at the micron and submicron scale has been challenging.This webinar will discuss a new breakthrough in Optical Photothermal Infrared (O-PTIR) spectroscopy and its major benefits across a range of defect and failure analysis application areas, including semiconductors, displays, electronics, polymers, and other materials.In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Analyzing thin and small organic and inorganic contaminants in semicon/high-tech products
  • Achieving ~40x improvement in submicron spatial resolution compared to traditional FTIR/QCL microscopy
  • Working in-situ by examining surfaces on arbitrary substrates using a reflective non-contact (far-field) mode, while generating artifact-free, FTIR transmission-like spectra that are readily library searchable
  • Performing simultaneous IR and Raman (IRaman) spectroscopy to provide complementary IR and Raman information that can be used for more thorough characterization of organic and inorganic contaminants

Dr. Mustafa Kansiz, Director of Product Management at Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp. and Dr. Dennis Walls, Technical Fellow at Dupont will host the webinar, with opportunities to ask questions during and after the webinar.The webinar will be recorded for later on-demand viewing.

mIRage® IR Microscope

The mIRage® IR Microscope is an innovative new system, uniquely providing submicron IR spectroscopy and imaging across a wide variety of applications. Using Optical Photothermal IR (O-PTIR) spectroscopy, mIRage breaks the diffraction limit and bridges the gap between conventional IR microspectroscopy and nanoscale IR spectroscopy, and now, in a world first, provides IRaman, simultaneous IR and Raman measurements at the same time, from the same spot and the same resolution!

Wednesday 13th March,
11am-12pm PST(Los Angeles)/
2-3pm EST(New York)Register Today