ProCell Vortex | Flange-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Cell

ProCell Vortex | Flange-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Cell

Specac’s ProCell™ Vortex, Flange-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Cell, is a robust flange-mounted liquid transmission cell for in-situ monitoring of industrial process streams by UV/Vis and NIR optical spectroscopy via the use of optical fibers. It is designed to be installed either directly on a process plant or in a short by-pass loop. To ensure ease of process integration, the cell can be configured from a wide range of ANSI and DIN flange sizes. The cell is easily trace-heated and insulated for use at elevated temperatures, and cleaning ports can be added to facilitate in-situ cleaning of the windows.

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Introducing the ProCell Vortex | Flange-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Cell

The ProCell Vortex, Flange-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Cell, can operate at temperatures as high as 300°C (280°C as standard) and at pressures up to 1500 psi. A choice of body materials are available for the customisation of your flow cell. We manufacture in Stainless Steel 316L as standard but Hastelloy® C276, Zirconium 702, and other grades of Stainless Steel are available upon request. A range of window seal options including diffusion bonded windows and perfluoroelastomer seals are available to ensure appropriate material compatibility for your application. To ensure optimum UV/Vis or NIR spectroscopic absorption features for analysis, optical transmission pathlengths are available from 1.0 to 10 mm. Optical fibre connectivity is ensured by industry-standard SMA 905 connectors. Specac process cells can be connected remotely to the widest choice of commercially available FT-NIR spectrometers using standard SMA 905 connectors. A large range of process analytical applications on a petrochemical site can now be realized simultaneously with just one spectrometer and an optical multiplexer by the combination of Specac gas, vapour and liquid cells. Particular attention has been paid by Specac in the careful selection of appropriate IP65-rated protection for the fibre-optic cable connection to ensure peace of mind for the process engineer. By using highly polished sapphire windows and optimized flow patterns the risk of window fouling in raw chemical process streams is greatly reduced. The ruggedness of the NIR process cells also allows for harsher in-situ cleaning methods like high-pressure steaming or using elevated temperatures for short periods of time.

ProCell Vortex | Flange-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Cell

ProCell Vortex | Flange-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Cell

Key Features

Flange-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Cell provides some exceptional features such as follows:

  • Proven reliability in aggressive environments
  • Range of cell body and seal materials
  • Selection of sizes for ease of process integration
  • Cleaning port option for in-situ servicing
  • Capability for high-temperature applications (up to 400°C)
  • Factory-aligned optics to ensure optimum stability and cell sensitivity


Key Benefits

The Specac ProCell Vortex liquid phase process cell is an extremely robust cell that delivers optimum sensitivity to process characteristics. Through partnerships with leading multinational companies, Specac have developed unrivalled engineering design expertise and manufacturing techniques for process cells. With a wide choice of cell metallurgies and sapphire windows as standard, ProCell Vortex process cells have an established reputation for ruggedness and reliability. Product solutions customized to individual requirements are available in addition to the range of standard products.


ProCell Vortex | Flange-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Cell

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