NaioAFM — The leading compact AFM

NaioAFM — The leading compact AFM

All-in-one atomic force microscope for small samples and nanoeducation

  • A robust and high-quality AFM product
  • No setup needed: just plug in and go!
  • Check out the NaioAFM video tutorials
  • Options and accessories available
  • Very competitive pricing: ask for a quote now!




The NaioAFM is the ideal atomic force microscope for nanoeducation and small sample measurements. More than just the successor of the well-known Easyscan 2 AFM, this all-in-one AFM system provides solid performance and easy handling, with a price tag and footprint that fit anyone and any place.

A robust and high-quality AFM product

The NaioAFM is AFM scan head, controller, sample stage, micrometer positioning table, anti-vibration solution, and measurement accoustic enclosure all in one! Because of this, there are no loose parts that can get lost or assembled the wrong way. This is crucial in environments with new and inexperienced AFM users.

A closed scanner compartment features acoustic and air current isolation, while sample stage positioners allow you to adjust your sample

A solid stone table with vibration isolation feet and controller directly underneath allow reliable measurements at all times

When the scan compartment is opened, for example to change the AFM sample or cantilever, the scanner is automatically retracted to prevent crashing of the cantilever into the sample when the compartment is closed again afterwards. Upon closing, a clever mechanism stably presses the AFM scan head onto a 3 point mount system and closes the acoustic isolation around the AFM sample and scan head. This way, the scanner compartment is effectively isolated from noise and air currents, and sample and scan head are connected via the smallest possible mechanical loop, all resulting in improved stability and measurement quality.

With the NaioAFM in it’s opened state, both sample and cantilever are easily accessible and exchanged

The NaioAFM also has an AFM sample stage with sample positioners built-in. These positioners can easily be uncoupled from the sample stage itself after position adjustment, resulting in the AFM sample only resting on a mounting platform that is directly attached to the granite table at the base of the system. This heavy stone table and the additional passive vibration isolation feet of the NaioAFM further protect the measurement against vibration disturbances, making the system very robust during measurements.

No real setup needed

To use the NaioAFM, just plug in the power and USB cables, start the user-friendly software, and you’re ready to go within minutes! No real setup is required. Check out our overview video to see just how easy this is. Because the NaioAFM comes with a cantilever alignment chip, cantilever exchange is really easy as well, and laser alignment becomes a thing of the past. Watch the cantilever exchange video to see how it’s done.

NaioAFM overview
Overview of the first all-in-one atomic force microscope system

NaioAFM operation – Cantilever exchange
This video shows how cantilever exchange is performed on the Nanosurf NaioAFM

An additional advantage of the compact, all-in-one design of the NaioAFM is it’s portability: the system comes with a carrying case that allows taking the instrument to another room, institute, or even on a train or airplane. It will be up and running at the new location in no time. What other AFM instrument gives you this amount of flexibility?

Video tutorials

You won’t believe how easy it is to operate the NaioAFM. Well, you just might — after watching these extensive NaioAFM video tutorials. They will acquaint you with the system and will allow you to train yourself and/or others in the confident use of an atomic force microscope in any research or nanoeducation environment.

Options and acccessories

Although the NaioAFM is a complete AFM solution in and of itself, the following options and accessories can complement or extend its functionality:

Dynamic measurement modes
Advanced modes
Naio sideview camera
EFM mode kit
Standard spectroscopy mode kit
Force modulation mode kit
Dynamic force mode kit
Static force mode kit
Extended AFM sample kit
Phase imaging mode kit