Intrinsic Viscosity measurement is now easier than ever with m-VROC!

Intrinsic viscosity is correlated with the size of the molecule in a solution. Figuring out the molecule’s intrinsic viscosity provides insights to molecular weight, structure, and its interaction with other molecules and neighboring solvents. This method has been used for numerous applications such as:

•  Polymerization
•  Hydrodynamic radius
•  Degradation and stability of polymers
•  Denaturation or aggregation of proteins
•  Hydration and tertiary/quaternary structure of proteins
•  Sensitive detection of low molecular weight polymers

m-VROC offers fast and reliable intrinsic viscosity measurement for small sample volume. Operators will obtain results within 15 minutes for a single point measurement in addition to its true dynamic viscosity measurement capability.


    Glass capillary      
 True dynamic viscosity  Yes No
 Sample volume, ml  1  10
 Cleaning between samples  Not Necessary  Necessary
 Average operation time per sample, min  5  10

(Results may vary depending on operator’s skill)


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