Physical Electronics, Inc.

Physical Electronics (PHI) is a subsidiary of ULVAC-PHI, the world’s leading supplier of UHV surface analysis instrumentation used for the research and development of advanced materials in a number of high technology fields including nanotechnology, microelectronics, storage media, bio-medical, and basic materials such as metals, polymers, and coatings. PHI’s innovative XPS, AES, and SIMS technologies provide our customers with unique tools to solve challenging materials problems and accelerate the development of new materials and products.

Spectra Research Corporation and Physical Electronics, Inc.

Physical Electronics, Inc. collaborate with our customers to solve problems so they can develop better products and services. We develop instruments that help enable next-generation technologies.

Our Values:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: To partner with customers in determining and fulfilling expectations.
  2. Employee Fulfillment: A sense of accomplishment, recognition and personal growth aligned with work group and company culture.
  3. Innovation: Creating value from ideas that generate new products, new applications, new services and new processes.
  4. Integrity: A commitment to honoring our word and principles…and holding ourselves accountable.

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