inVia confocal Raman Microscope – Renishaw

inVia confocal Raman Microscope – Renishaw

The world’s best selling high-performance Raman microscope

  • Designed, developed and refined over more than two decades to make it the most trusted Raman instrument on the market.
  • Superior, research-grade Raman microscope for your current and future needs.
  • Designed using Renishaw’s proven expertise in precision and innovative engineering.
  • Built to last: upgrade, reconfigure, or customise – the inVia Raman microscope is a sound investment.
  • Available in three models: inVia Basis; inVia Reflex and inVia Qontor®.
  • Many options and accessories are available to suit your analytical requirements and budget.

Introducing the inVia confocal Raman Microscope – Renishaw

The inVia confocal Raman Microscope is the ultimate research-grade Raman microscope for your current and future needs.

It is simple to operate yet delivers outstanding performance and reliable results, for even the most challenging experiments. You can produce both rich, detailed, chemical images and highly specific data from discrete points. With unparalleled flexibility, scientists and engineers, worldwide, trust the inVia microscope.


Exceptional, reliable performance 

The inVia system comprises a research-grade microscope coupled with a high-performance Raman spectrometer. It is simple to operate yet delivers outstanding performance—high signal throughput, combined with high spectral resolution and stability—giving reliable results, for even the most challenging measurements. 

The inVia Raman microscope’s highly efficient optical design produces the best Raman data, even from minute traces of the material. If you need to easily and reliably produce both rich, detailed, chemical images and highly specific data from discrete points, then the inVia Raman microscope is the ideal system for you. 

Unparalleled flexibility and upgradability 

The inVia Raman microscope is totally flexible and can be upgraded, modified and customised, without compromising performance. Add accessories, lasers, and fibre optic probes or combine Raman with other techniques; whichever configuration of the inVia Raman microscope you choose, you will have the most flexible and sensitive Raman system on the market. 

If our standard products don’t match your exact needs, then our special products team can develop a custom solution to meet your requirements. 

Quality, reliability and longevity 

The inVia Raman microscope is designed using Renishaw’s vast experience in precision and innovative engineering. The inVia Raman microscope is an exceptional, high-quality, high-performance system that has been developed and refined over more than two decades to make it one of the most trusted Raman instruments on the market. Choosing Renishaw as your Raman partner is a sound investment, and your inVia Raman microscope is built to last. 

A Raman system from Renishaw comes with the lifetime of support and service you expect from a specialist provider; instrument diagnostics, servicing and adjustments can be done remotely, or by an on-site visit from a member of our global service team. 

Highly sensitive detectors
Cutting edge technology

The inVia Raman microscope’s use Renishaw’s own ultra-low noise, ultra-high sensitivity CCD cameras so you get the best results in the shortest possible time. Should you wish to add more, the inVia system can be fitted with up to four detectors, such as electron multiplied (EM) detectors and InGaAs arrays.

Truly confocal performance
Configure exactly to your needs

Achieve the highest spatial resolutions possible, limited only by the inherent diffraction limit of light. The inVia Raman microscope’s EasyConfocal™ optical system offers a truly confocal capability with high spatial resolution, without compromising ease-of-use, stability, and optical efficiency. Switch, with ease, from sub-micrometre high-resolution measurements to large scale averaging of bulk samples. 

High performance microscope
Leica for quality, efficiency and reliability

Leica Microsystems’ research-grade microscopes are the standard option for the inVia system. We carefully choose a selection of the highest performing Raman compatible objective lenses. These give both great Raman data and quality optical imaging performance.

We know optical imaging can be important, and provide different live video options and viewing control. You can view your samples at high resolution and benefit from high sensitivity. Choose between bright field, dark field, and polarised viewing to ensure you view your sample in the way that you need. 

Extended sample viewing
Clearly see your sample

Many users prefer to view their samples directly using stereo eyepieces, so all inVia Raman microscopes come equipped with binoculoars as standard.

When the inVia system is equipped with a sample stage, such as Renishaw’s high-speed encoded stage (MS30), it can generate an image of the sample that covers an area much larger than the field of view of the microscope. You can use this image to easily define locations for subsequent data collection.

Multiple lasers
Get the best data, whatever your sample type

The inVia Raman microscope’s wide range of directly coupled laser excitation options, from the near-infrared to the deep ultraviolet, ensures you can tailor your instrument to match your needs.

For example, you may wish to minimise fluorescence or induce resonance. The inVia Raman microscope normally accommodates two or three lasers as standard but can be configured to use many lasers. Optimised laser delivery paths ensure you achieve the best results from each laser.


inVia confocal Raman Microscope – Renishaw

inVia confocal Raman Microscope – Renishaw

Key Features

High optical efficiency
Fast and sensitive analysis

Renishaw’s engineers have used their vast experience of precision and innovative design to make the inVia Raman microscope the most sensitive Raman instrument available. They use a stigmatic on-axis spectrometer which gives highest optical efficiency, excellent stray light rejection and exceptional sensitivity. With the inVia system you can study very weak Raman signals and rapidly analyse even minute traces of material.

High spectral resolution
Analyse a wide range of samples

Configure the inVia system to resolve narrow spectral features, so you can distinguish between close Raman bands and differentiate very similar materials, such as complex mixtures. 

Extensive laser and spectral range configurability
Performance, without compromise

The inVia Raman microscope’s operating range can extend from the ultraviolet to the infrared. Choose the best combinations of lasers, detectors, filters and gratings, to give you the best Raman data in the shortest possible time.

High spectral stability
Get consistent, reliable data

With its rigid, lightweight baseplate, and precision kinematic mounts, the inVia Raman microscope provides the highest levels of instrument stability, enabling you to monitor minute shifts in Raman band position. 

Broad-range artefact-free spectra
Raman and photoluminescence measurements

Achieve extended coverage with Renishaw’s SynchroScan™ technology. This enables the collection of light over a very wide spectral range, without artefacts and without sacrificing resolution. The inVia system can, for example, acquire a high resolution spectrum from across the entire visible/near infrared region in one single continuous acquisition.

Low wavenumber performance
Analyse close to the laser line

The inVia Raman microscope supports a wide range of Rayleigh filters, including filters that you can use to study low wavenumber Raman features efficiently and easily. 

Generate high quality Raman images
Crisp, clear chemical images

The inVia Raman microscope offers a complete range of imaging technologies that enable you to acquire data from points, lines, areas, and even volumes. StreamLine™, StreamHR™ and True Raman Imaging™ technologies are unique to Renishaw and generate outstanding Raman images. 

Fully automated
The inVia system is easy to use and maintain 

The inVia system’s automation removes the need for manual intervention. When you change key components, like filters, lasers and gratings, it will automatically reconfigure its optics and optimise its alignment. This makes analysis more efficient, which is perfect for busy laboratories with multiple users. 

Key Benefits

High performance:
The inVia Raman microscope delivers outstanding performance, providing you with the best data in the shortest time. 

See even the weakest Raman scatterers and get spectra from thin films and monolayers. 

Use the inVia Raman microscope for both Raman and photoluminescence measurements to obtain information on the electronic and vibrational structure of your materials, or combine with other analytical techniques for a powerful, comprehensive solution. 

The inVia Raman microscope’s full automation handles the changing of laser wavelengths, filters and gratings for you. It also maintains focus, system alignment and calibration, so you can concentrate on getting results, not having to adjust your Raman system. 

The inVia Raman microscope is completely configurable, incredibly flexible and totally upgradable. You can analyse the widest range of samples, under different experimental conditions now and in the future. 

Repeatable results:
Rely on the inVia Raman microscope to produce results you can trust. With its outstanding performance you can be confident that it will deliver repeatable results time and time again – no matter how challenging the experiment. 

Easy to use:
The inVia Raman microscope’s automation and optional sample enclosure (which eliminates ambient light) maximise operational efficiency, even in busy laboratories with multiple users. 

A full range of imaging technologies:
The inVia Raman microscope has a comprehensive suite of mapping and imaging techniques. Use these to generate detailed, information-rich Raman images, of both 2D areas and 3D volumes. 

Analyse irregular samples:
The inVia Qontor system’s LiveTrack™ automated focus tracking technology enables the analysis of samples with uneven, curved or rough surfaces and maintains focus in both white light video and Raman modes. 

inVia confocal Raman Microscope – Renishaw

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The inVia microscope is available in three models; from the flagship inVia Qontor system – with full automation and focus tracking technology – to the entry level inVia Basis system.

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