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Unique Extruder Allows for Small-Scale Testing - August 2013

Multi-imaging platforms in microscopy - July 2013

Testing product stability in a fraction of the time - June 2013

Making high performance affordable - May 2013


Spectra Research Corporation (SRC) was established in 1993 to serve both industrial and scientific marketplaces. Offering sales and service across Canada, SRC staff has the technical expertise and industry knowledge to supply advanced industrial analysis and scientific products and support services to government, university and commercial facilities across the country.

Our broad range of products from international market leaders includes instruments for materials testing, precision measurement and quality assurance, as well as advanced optical and scientific equipment for the most demanding of research applications. Our service facility is ISO9001-registered.

SRC is a subsidiary of Allan Crawford Associates (ACA), one of Canada's largest distributors of electronic components, test equipment, and integrated networking solutions. 


Spectra Research Corporation