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Sensofar Group is a multi-national company whose mission is to develop, manufacture and commercialize high-end metrology tools. The Group also provides consultancy within the field of metrology, and pursues a philosophy of guaranteeing advanced techniques, high quality and customer services. Our high-quality products, exemplary customer service and industrial focused solutions, allows Sensofar the flexibility to respond and adapt to your business market needs.

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R&D is an additional goal of the company. We have been combining the new product lines with some value-added improvements based on our comprehensive knowledge of the optical metrology field and by working very closely with the CD6-UPC. Through this relationship, Sensofar Group is able to continually consolidate its expertise in its core technologies: non-contact 3D optical measurements.

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  • The S mart 2 is the only autonomous areal confocal profilometer available on the market, and it is incredibly easy to install as it requires only two single connections (ethernet cable and a power supply). Its narrow width allows the integrable head to be installed in even the most difficult of zones, while its easy integration is enabled by the presence of all the electronics, including the computing power, inside the head. Furthermore, its highefficiency passive cooling system ensures that the system is always ready to work.

  • The S neox Cleanroom is a technological milestone without precedent in optical metrology. This version of the S neox has been carefully engineered to overcome the strict test to be ISO Class 1 and ESD compatible. The S neox Cleanroom has all the versatility that comes with an S neox and matches with the production environments typical of medical devices, microfluidics, and semiconductors industries.

    • Form deviation from 3D CAD models
    • Calibration of surface texture measuring instruments
    • Sub-micron height repeatability over entire extended area
    • One shot height measurement up to 40 mm without Z scanning
    • Bi-telecentric lenses with very low field distortion providing accurate metrology


  • Simply powerful

    • Sample Navigation – An overview tool helps the user to inspect the sample during measurement preparation
    • Auto 3D Function – the SensoSCAN software automatically
    • Analysis & Reporting – It is also possible to create analysis templates
    • Automating procedures module – Automated measurements are obtained using the Recipes tool
    • Extended measurements module – Allows the user to easily define the measurement layout on the surface by means of the overview image


    • Complete accessibility
    • Cover a wide range of scales
    • Maximum versatility
    • A complete 3D measurement
    • Measure angles greater than 90º
    • Measurements without limitation
    • Accurate and reliable


    • Flexible. Powerful.
    • 3D auto function
    • Live image options
    • Designed to be
    • simple and easy to use
    • It is time to play. . .
    • uses premium CF60-2 Nikon objectives
    • Obtain a clear and well-structured report
    • Adaptable column – Flexible options are designed to avoid restrictions between samples with differing heights.


    • Integrable metrology solutions
    • Robust, rugged and reliable
    • Versatile or fast
    • Maximum measurement versatility
    • Unprecedented high speed
    • Compact, light and orientation agnostic


    • Powerful Analysis Software
    • 3D exportable in multiple formats
    • Simple yet powerful, designed for you
    • Smart calculations tool for key parameters
    • The most perceptive visualization of your topographies
    • Customizable reports for more flexible results presentations


    • Easy to use
    • Completely modularly adaptable to customer requirements
    • Two levels (standard and premium) and several modules are available
    • Digital Surf, is an extremely powerful tool for analysis nad reporting


  • Rapid Quality Control

    • Guide tool for the QC manager
    • Extremely fast
    • Command line available
    • Parameter statistical analysis module
    • Exportable reports in multiple formats
    • Automatized custom analysis solutions


Showing all 10 results