Apium P220 Series

Apium P220 Series

Industrial PEEK 3D Printing for High Performances

Build the best-in-class 3D printed end-parts and functional prototypes for your competitive advantage.

Introducing the Apium P220 Series

Advanced Temperature Management System

Adaptive Heating System

Patent pending intelligent thermal moderator technology for specific material characteristics to achieve the best temperature distribution possible in the part. This especially helps users to achieve high quality results in the field of PEEK 3D printing.

Insulated Building Chamber & Safety

Optimally insulated walls and glass door lead to a continuous and stable process temperature during prints.

High Processing Temperatures

Full metal hot end with heating up to 540°C, Adaptive Heating System up to 180°C, Print-Bed up to 160°.

Apium P220 Series

Apium P220 Series

Key Features

Open Material System

Apium P220 Series supports a wide variety of amorphous and semi-crystalline thermoplastics from ABS, PP, PVDF, PEI, PEEK, Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK to metal containing compounds such as Stainless Steel (316L). The system allows end users to print their materials of choice.

Multi-Process Capability

The advanced parameter control enables varied print parameters for challenging geometries in a single part. This unique capability overcomes most geometrical challenges.

Smart Material Management

The system running on the Apium P220 recognizes the material type and tracks the amount used. When the Apium P220 identifies that an Apium material is loaded, it automatically adjusts the settings according to Apium`s material profile and allows you to use the optimal process parameters for high quality results.

Key Benefits

Extruder Technology

Apium`s advanced extruder technology enables processing of reinforced, compound materials as well as pure materials. Our Advanced extruder can process materials containing higher proportions of carbon fiber or glass fiber such as 30% Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK.

Apium Trainings

Apium leads in the field of Material Extrusion 3D printing of high performance polymer based materials. The experts at Apium will guide you through your specific application and business requirements. We transfer our knowledge in additive thinking and improve the application’s design, performance and printability. Avoid trial and error learning and save time and costs with Apium Trainings.

Apium P220 Series

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Ready for PEEK 3D Printing

Apium P220 Series is equipped with industry grade motion components enabling high precision positioning. It has a closed loop drive system for reliability and better process stability. Full Metal Hot End with Heating up to 540°C Adaptive Heating System Heating up to 180°C Print Bed Heating up to 160°C Liquid Cooling System Machine Resolution 0.0125 mm (x/y direction) – 0.05 mm (z direction) Reproducibility 0.1 mm Noise Emission < 70 dB(A)
Apium P220 Series