Virsa Raman Analyser – Renishaw

Virsa Raman Analyser – Renishaw

  • High performance portable fibre coupled Raman system
  • High spatial resolution x/y <1 µm, z <2 µm
  • Live white light sample viewing for accurate sample targeting
  • Motorised x/y/z stack that enables accurate objective positioning for single point or mapping purposes
  • Work with objective lens pointing downwards or horizontally

Introducing the Virsa Raman Analyser – Renishaw

The Virsa™ Raman analyser is a transportable Raman system with fibre-optic-coupled probes. It is suitable for both micro and macro Raman analyses. The Virsa system enables you to analyse samples in their native environment. You can measure large or immovable samples that you cannot place under a microscope or those contained within vessels.

The Virsa Raman analyser provides laboratory-grade performance, high sensitivity, and excellent spectral and spatial resolution, making it ideal for studying challenging samples. It acts as a perfect bridge between research/laboratory Raman measurements and in-field applications.

The Virsa analyser supports both bulk and microscopic measurements. Using specially designed microscope-resolution fibre-optic probes you can see fine chemical detail and analyse heterogeneous samples that would be impossible to analyse with a bulk sampling probe. It supports multiple laser wavelengths so you can avoid fluorescence problems that might mask your Raman spectra, enabling you to analyse complex and challenging samples. 

Multiple probes can be used with the Virsa analyser, such as those of different excitation wavelengths, bulk analysis, microscopic analysis and immersion probes. This gives you great flexibility, and allows you to use the Virsa Raman analyser to study a wide range of samples. 

The Virsa Raman analyser is a highly-stable high-performance system. It is equipped with Renishaw’s own high-precision encoders giving you accurate, precise results and the utmost confidence in your data.

Virsa Raman Analyser – Renishaw

Virsa Raman Analyser – Renishaw

Key Features

  • Each probe supports one wavelength, but multiple probes can be stacked, sharing a common objective lens. This enables you to study a broader range of samples with automated switching between excitation wavelengths to avoid background fluorescence. You can measure the same sample region without having to conduct any manual adjustments or alignment.
  • The probes can be fitted with an objective turret so you can switch magnifications and working distances without having to move or swap probes.
  • The probe can be equipped with a high-resolution video viewer that enables you to find and collect Raman data from specific regions of interest. This views the sample through the same objective lens that is used to gather the data for Raman analysis.
  • The LiveTrack focus tracking option, used with the SB200 stage, keeps the probe in focus with the sample, both during Raman measurements and when viewing the sample.

Key Benefits


This versatile system has a modest footprint measuring just 543 mm x 436 mm x 178 mm. It can be used on a bench or mounted in an industry-standard 19″ rack. This makes it ideal for researchers wanting to expand the application of Raman beyond traditional laboratory-based microscope systems.

LiveTrack technology

The Virsa system uses fibre-optic probes enabling you to analyse large, uneven, moving, or chemically-changing samples. The probes incorporate Renishaw’s LiveTrack focus-tracking technology which automatically keeps samples in focus, ensuring you get high-quality Raman data.

Monitor software

The Virsa system’s software incorporates reaction monitoring allowing you to capture, analyse, and display data dynamically and in real time as it makes measurements at up to 8 times per second. This makes it especially suited for routine measurements on complex samples or processes.

Virsa Raman Analyser – Renishaw

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