RA802 Pharmaceutical Raman Analyser – Renishaw

RA802 Pharmaceutical Raman Analyser – Renishaw

The advantages of the RA802 pharmaceutical analyser include:

  • Ease of use – no need for expert users.
  • Small footprint.
  • No need for sample preparation.
  • Simple method development.
  • Internal reference standards.
  • No risk of contamination.
  • Relate formulation properties to real-world outcomes.

Introducing the RA802 Pharmaceutical Raman Analyser – Renishaw

The RA802 pharmaceutical Raman analyser is the only dedicated high-speed Raman imaging system designed for pharmaceutical analysis. It can generate a comprehensive Raman image of the sample surface in as little as 5 minutes using Renishaw’s unique LiveTrack™ and StreamLine™ technologies.

You can collect high specificity chemical information from micro-regions and generate large chemical images of the sample surface

When generating Raman images, chemical components can be segregated using false colours and characterised using particle statistics. This gives users a tool to understand how each component is distributed throughout the sample and rationalise real-world performance between different batches and formulations.

RA802 Pharmaceutical Raman Analyser – Renishaw

RA802 Pharmaceutical Raman Analyser – Renishaw

Key Features

Renishaw’s RA802 pharmaceutical analyser is a Raman imaging system designed to help scientists tackle formulation challenges and expedite drug development by enabling users to:

  • Understand the distribution of formulation components.
  • Relate formulation properties to real-world outcomes.
  • Quantify content uniformity/homogeneity.
  • Compare batch-to-batch variation.
  • Identify CPPs, CQAs and CMAs.
  • Diagnose issues quickly.
  • Identify the nature and presence of anomalous material.


Key Benefits

Focus and resolution

LiveTrack focus tracking technology automatically maintains sample focus, ensuring you acquire the highest quality chemical images across the whole sample. Spatial resolution can be as high as 1 µm per pixel – allowing scientists to understand the local inhomogeneity of their sample.

Speed of analysis

StreamLine rapid imaging technology increases the imaging speed to 1,500 spectra per second which makes analysis faster than ever and prevents sample damage. A whole tablet can be mapped in as little as 5 minutes at low-resolution, or just 2 hours at the highest resolution.

Batch measurement

Batch measurement automation enables the user to save time by programming multiple samples to run sequentially. Renishaw can provide bespoke tablet holders specific to the users’ samples. These hold the samples securely in place whilst the system analyses each sample in turn.

RA802 Pharmaceutical Raman Analyser – Renishaw

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