RA816 Biological Analyser

RA816 Biological Analyser

  • Raman spectroscopy offers a non-invasive optical approach that preserves sample integrity.
  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple molecular constituents in biological samples saves time and resources.
  • Eliminates the need for sample staining or labeling.
  • Provides high specificity, aiding in the discovery and validation of early disease markers.
  • High-resolution Raman images offer comprehensive biomolecular and morphology information.


Introducing the RA816 Biological Analyser

Renishaw’s RA816 biological analyser is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system that redefines tissue and biofluid analysis. It is easy to use, yet gives rich biochemical information about the biological samples being analysed.

Designed exclusively for the biological sciences community, the system rapidly obtains detailed information on the distribution and amount of biochemical species within biological samples, including tissue biopsies, tissue sections and biofluids.

The RA186 biological analyser brings together the chemical analysis power of Raman spectroscopy (a light scattering technique) and advanced optical and spectroscopic imaging technologies in a simple, robust system. It produces outstanding results, quickly and easily.

RA816 Biological Analyser

RA816 Biological Analyser

Key Features

The RA816 biological analyser has a range of features making it the ideal tool for clinical research

Easy to use

  • Easy to use software with simple concept and workflow: making Raman spectroscopy accessible to all users, without compromising performance.
  • Macro and high magnification imaging modes, with digital zooming for a range of sample sizes.
  • Reflection or transmission illumination for best image contrast.
  • Image tiling for large area coverage.

Compact, robust and transportable

  • Small footprint – ideal for a space-conscious laboratory environment.
  • System can be easily moved between lab and clinic with inbuilt performance checking to ensure accuracy.
  • Robust system that does not require user alignment.

High performance for demanding applications

  • Stable and repeatable, with integrated performance qualification (PQ) and alignment.
  • Post measurement check option to validate performance stability over the measurement period.
  • High throughput with high signal-to-noise spectral data and optimised substrates.
  • LiveTrack™ technology to track sample surface and retain focus.
  • Streamline™ technology for high speed data collection and image generation, without causing laser sample damage.

Dedicated data acquisition and analysis software

  • Experiment templates for different biological sample types to simplify operation.
  • Model building software for clinical data classification:
    • provides the ability to build and validate pathology and disease models.
    • validate the model with new samples enabling the stratification and classification of unknown tissue and biofluid samples.
  • Optimal system and sample workflow: enables robust, repeatable and reproducible data to be collected and analysed.
  • Enable configuration of multiple measurements for unattended operation.

The ideal toolkit for translating Raman to the clinic

  • Performance standards support data transferability of classification models to additional Renishaw biological analyser systems.
  • Specially designed bio-sample holders and inserts for bio-fluids/liquids and tissue sections.
  • Bulk tissue biopsy sample holder eliminates the need for tissue sample preparation (e.g. cryosectioning or microtoming).
  • Low-cost, ultra-low background reusable mirror slides for enhanced reflection, to increase Raman signal and improve white light contrast.

Key Benefits

Raman spectroscopy provides many benefits for the study of biological materials:

  • Non-invasive optical technique (retains sample integrity).
  • Measures multiple molecular constituents in biological samples at once (saves cost and time).
  • No sample staining or labelling required.
  • High specificity: aids in discovery and validation of early onset disease markers.
  • The generated high-resolution Raman images provide both biomolecular and morphology information.

RA816 Biological Analyser

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Technical specifications of ra816 biological analyser

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