Industrial Applications of AFM: Beyond the flat world – Using AFM for metrology on complex sample shapes

Nanosurf Webinar Advanced AFM tools

Advanced AFM tools

Industrial Applications of AFM

Who is this webinar for: Bio and life science researchers


AFM has long been a critical metrology tool for measuring nanometer resolution topographic roughness and nanostructure. However commercially available AFMs limited the sample size and shape to either small sample, or wafer/waferlike geometries. In other words, flat samples. If your samples didn’t fit into those size/shape constraints, your options were to either destroy your part or measure discrete regions which may or may not be applicable to your needs. Today, however, Nanosurf takes AFM out of the flat sample world and into 3 dimensions. With the option of multiple scanner designs and knowledge to build 3, 4, 5 or more axis staging, working with real parts is now a reality. This brings AFM into metrology for complex optics, machined parts, gratings and more. Come learn how AFM can improve your metrology without destroying your parts..

Nanosurf Webinar Advanced AFM tools

Guest Speaker:

Drew J. Griffin

Drew J. Griffin

Director of Sales – America

Drew has been working in the AFM and nanomechanical instrumentation space for the last 14 years. Prior to joining Nanosurf, he worked as a Sales Manager and Applications Scientist for AFM manufacturers Bruker and Oxford Instruments (Asylum Research). Prior to this he was the North America Customer Service and Applications Manager for CSM Instruments nanoindentation (now Anton Paar). His work has spanned the breadth of applications; from life science, to biomaterials, to semiconductor, to manufacturing and beyond.

Thursday May 20 2021, 11:00-12:00 EST

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