SRC Blog: Seeking Unparalleled Levels of Support

While we’re always looking to partner with new principals and suppliers who allow us to bring innovative and exclusive products to our customers, we’re particularly interested in working with principals and suppliers who go the extra mile for their customers.

Those that do, offer an unparalleled level of support to their customers – in other words, to you, our customers. This is a measure in the confidence they have in their products. And by partnering with them, we can solidly stand behind the state-of-the-art instruments we sell for use in today’s modern research facilities.

One of these principals is Asylum Research, the technology leader in atomic force and scanning probe microscopy (AFM/SPM) for both materials and bioscience applications. Atomic force microscopy is a technique for analyzing the surface of a rigid material all the way down to the atom level and scanning probe microscopy provides images of surfaces using a physical probe to scan specimens. Both forms of microscopy involve precise measurement and calculation and the absolute certainty that the instruments being used perform exactly as expected.

As such, Asylum Research offers a five-year warranty on every one of its instruments. This type of warranty commitment is unique in the industry. And this kind of commitment keeps us at SRC on the cutting edge of high resolution imaging technology, backed by a guarantee that if an innovative technology doesn’t work exactly as it should, it will be made right for you.