Base Operating Software Microsoft Windows XP, 7
Programming Language C++(Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 Professional Edition)
Interface Language OTPL(Open Architecture Test System Test Programming Language)
Re-configurable Program Structure Separated layers for test data and algorithm
Scalable and Flexible Test
  • Plug and Play Concept
  • Offer User Developer’s Kit
Versatile Off-line Environment Thorough T2000 System Software Emulator
Abundant Tester Tools Wave Tool (Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope), Shmoo, Pattern Editor, etc.


IGBT Test Solution

The T2000 also enables highly productive testing of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT):

  • Equipped for AC+DC x 2 DUT testing
  • High-speed breaker improves yield while also protecting both the wafer probe and the stage from high temperatures.
  • Low-inductance design allows high-speed switch testing
  • Ability to be used in both engineering and production environments, including compatibility with various software tools for easy code development and debugging


Hardware Environment

Flexible and Scalable Test Platform

A truly open interoperable architecture scalable, re-configurable and flexible test architecture changes your approach to device testing.

Unlimited Module Choices

T2000 is best-in-class SoC device coverage with single platform. It provides value to customer to minimize engineering cost with single environment.
T2000 allows you to use best choice modules from a growing list of modules. An expanding menu of test modules provides you maximum flexibility and utilization of your systems and engineering resources.


Can a Single Platform Test All SoC Functions?

Most device testing requires a dedicated test system configuration. By changing modules, the T2000 enables you utmost flexibility to configure test solutions. The T2000 can match both current and future testing requirements.


The T2000 can be configured to test current DSP products, and with a module change can accommodate higher-speed buses and communication interfaces. One Scalable Platform.

Software Environment

Windows Based Operating System. Easy to Use. Easy to Customize.

The T2000 Operating System provides an easy-to-use environment and maximizes choices of application archives. Unified environment is minimizing engineering cost with single test programing methods and same look and feel for all device category development, production.
It enables a common software platform required for EDA and ATE companies to jointly adopt and support a variety of industry standards such as STIL and STDF test results.
Also you could use powerful GUI tools for development and debugging with navigation, auto tool linkage.

T2000 could provide you for value proposition with,

  • Concurrent Debug environment to have x4 faster TTM
  • Modular Test Program environment for integrated device test program development, debug.
  • Fast coding, debugging by using EASE (Ease of Use) Package in Operating System.
  • Best-in-Class Performance by using native Test Program language.
  • Same coding style, look & feel and performance for all solutions.