“Flexible Platform” T2000 – Solutions for Diverse Test Requirements MODEL IMAGEInnovation never stops. And, with SoC devices demonstrating increasingly shorter life spans, chipmakers now have a cost effective alternative to purchasing new ATE platforms every 2-3 years, or with each new generation of device.
The T2000 enables you quick access to high-volume markets with minimum investment.
T2000 – “Innovative Solutions for Changing Needs”


Base Operating Software    Microsoft Windows XP, 7
Programming Language    C++(Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 Professional Edition)
Interface Language    OTPL(Open Architecture Test System Test Programming Language)
Re-configurable Program Structure    Separated layers for test data and algorithm
Scalable and Flexible Test
  • Plug and Play Concept
  • Offer User Developer’s Kit
Versatile Off-line Environment    Thorough T2000 System Software Emulator
Abundant Tester Tools    Wave Tool (Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope), Shmoo, Pattern Editor, etc.

The system is available in two versions:

1.2-Gbps CMOS Image Capture (1.2GICAP) Module

  • Image Capture input:
    Serial data: 1.2 Gbps, 4 lanes x 4 channels
    ・1.2 Gbps for MIPI D-PHY and sync code mode (Custom S-LVDS)
    Parallel data: 200 M pixels/s, 16 bits x 4 channels
  • Capture memory: 128 M pixels x 2 banks
    Maximum frame averaging number up to 256 frames (hardware averaging)

3-Gbps CMOS Image Capture (3GICAP) Module

  • Image Capture input:
    Serial data: 1.2 Gbps, 4 lanes x 4 channels
    ? 1.2 Gbps for MIPI D-PHY and sync code mode ?Custom S-LVDS?
    Parallel data: 200 M pixels/s, 16 bits x 4 channels
  • Capture memory: 128 M pixels x 2 banks
    Maximum frame averaging number up to 256 frames (hardware averaging)

Faster Processing for Higher Throughput

With its high-speed quad processors for image-capture data analysis, Advantest’s new image processor engine (IPE2) significantly reduces test times, especially for higher pixel CMOS image sensors.

Light Source and Large User Area Delivers Higher Parallelism
at a Low Cost of Test


The module’s ultra-high-volume, simultaneous measurement capability enables uniquely high productivity and a significant cost savings for image-sensor testing. Most importantly, the optimized, uniform light source and large user area enable highly parallel testing of ultra-high-density and high-performance devices.

  • 440 mm probe card and 2048-channel frog unit (pogo interface)

T2000 module configuration for CMOS image sensor testing


Scalable System Configuration

Value Package Standard Package Performance Package
img_t2000_0013_en img_t2000_0002 img_t2000_0003
Parallel Test 16 32 Beyond 32
Test Head 13 slot 46 slot 46 slot

Integrated Power Device Test Solution


Advantest’s T2000 Integrated Power Device Test Solution (IPS) is a high-performance, high-throughput tester for mixed-signal devices used in applications ranging from automotive ASSP/ASIC, Analog Power ICs that power management semiconductors (PMICs) for high-volume consumer electronics, communication products and industrial usage. With the added advantage of our available modules such as the MMXH, MFHP, MPCM, and GVI64 as well as other T2000 modules, the T2000 system is designed to perform massively parallel testing at a low cost of test.

Based on Advantest’s more than 27 years of experience in producing analog test solutions, the T2000 system with IPS delivers industry-leading results and award-winning customer satisfaction.

Setting a New Standard

This system raises the bar for ATE performance with its wide range of capabilities:

  • Wide coverage for testing PMICs, LED Driver ICs, wireless/Industrial applications, Li-Ion battery monitor IC, high-voltage Automotive ASSP/ASIC, etc.
  • Enhanced test efficiency using per-channel time measurements
  • Highly parallel testing through load board simplicity and matrix functionality
  • Increased throughput with pattern-controlled test conditions
  • Best-in-class performance, including fast range switching hardware, fast switching relays and concurrent hardware operation
  • Low cost-of-test with unprecedented channel density and parallelism
  • High flexibility and ease-of-use due to a multi-functional mixed-signal architecture
  • Simplified coding enabled by the EASE software package, which provides a user-friendly environment for developing re-usable coding and fast debugging

Optimized Module for Power Mixed Signal Test


IGBT Test Solution

The T2000 also enables highly productive testing of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT):

  • Equipped for AC+DC x 2 DUT testing
  • High-speed breaker improves yield while also protecting both the wafer probe and the stage from high temperatures.
  • Low-inductance design allows high-speed switch testing
  • Ability to be used in both engineering and production environments, including compatibility with various software tools for easy code development and debugging