InProcess-LSP is a highly innovative organization providing full Process Analytical Technology (PAT) method and instrument development services.

Being experts in nanoparticle size characterization, we are the inventors of the NanoFlowSizer:  a unique, non-invasive nanoparticle size instrumentation for real-time measurement.

The NanoFlowSizer offers unique properties and is the only instrument capable of measuring particle size and size distribution of turbid nanosuspensions in flow, without the need for sample treatment or dilution.


Spectra Research Corporation and InProcess-LSP


The InProcess-LSP team has great experience and interest in PAT science and a strong background in process and product development.

Our analytical capabilities include low-coherence interferometry, NIR and Raman Spectroscopy, UV-Vis spectrophotometer,  high-resolution microscopes, ….

In addition, we have in-house capabilities for HPH, crystallization and nanomilling to support ongoing PAT developments and customer applications.

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    • Low control over the production process
    • Interruption of the production flow every time conditions are changed
    • Need for laboratory analysis
    • Impossibility to carry out Continuous Manufacturing (24-hour)
    • Long time for analysis (10 min – hours)
    • Variations in product quality due to absence of full process control
    • Reduction in analysis time >90%
    • Better process understanding promoting innovation
    • New possibilities to study particle size dynamics in real time
    • Reduction of production time with 1-3 days per batch
    • Significant reduction in batch rejection saving € 0.2- 2M per manufacturing eve

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