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  • The Thermo ScientificTM HAAKETM MARSTM iQ Rheometer Series provides extensive flexibility and ease-of-use for daily quality control requirements.

    • Texture analysis of solid samples with fixtures for bending, breaking or squeezing tests
    • Universal container holder for measurements in original sample containers
    • Electrical temperature module for parallel plates with active upper heater for tests up to 400 °C
    • Disposable, parallel plate measuring geometries eliminate timeconsuming cleaning
    • Comprehensive pressure cell portfolio for tests up to 600 bar and 300 °C
    • Tribology cell based on ball-on-three-plates principle for testing friction, lubrication and wear
    • Serrated or sandblasted measuring geometries to eliminate wall slip of complex fluids
    • Optional 21 CFR part 11 module for HAAKE RheoWin Software to meet FDA requirements
    • Variety of sample covers including solvent trap to minimize solvent evaporation
    • Pin or ring rotor for investigation of drying processes
    • Large dimension building material cell with exchangeable lamella profiles
    • Coaxial cylinders with helical grooves or serration to avoid sedimentation and wall slip


Showing 17–19 of 19 results




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