PHI VersaProbe 4 — Scanning XPS Microscope

SRC 2021

At Physical Electronics, the innovation never stops. And as the sole supplier of PHI products in Canada, SRC can help you leverage PHI innovation to achieve your goals.

For today’s advanced materials

The PHI VersaProbe 4 is a highly versatile, multi-technique instrument with PHI’s patented, monochromatic, micro-focused, scanning X-ray source.  The instrument offers true SEM-like ease of operation with superior micro-area spectroscopy and excellent large-area capabilities. The fully integrated multi-technique platform of the PHI VersaProbe 4 offers an array of optional excitation sources, sputter ion sources, and sample treatment and transfer capabilities.  These features are essential in studying today’s advanced materials and supporting your material characterization.

The new PHI VersaProbe 4 has improved spectroscopic performance, new large area imaging and mapping capabilities, and environmentally friendly modern configuration with efficient power consumption, faster pump-down and ergonomic design.

The PHI VersaProbe 4 offers:

  • Intuitive sample navigation and confident analysis area identification
  • Optimized depth profiling
  • Superior micro-area analysis
  • Suite of specialized solutions for in-situ characterization of advanced materials

PHI—trusted by researchers the world over

Publishing recent discoveries in science and technology in peer-reviewed literature is a critical function of members of the research community. In 2021 over 4500 scholar publications, including peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, were published using PHI XPS instruments. On top of this there were more than 60 papers published in the high-impact journals (Nature and Science group). The new PHI VersaProbe 4 will reinforce the trust that researchers have in PHI instruments.


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