Webinar Extrusion Conditions Influence Properties Starch Compounds

Webinar: How Extrusion Conditions Influence the Properties of Starch Compounds

Mar 01, 2017 – Mar 01, 2017

You can create better starch compounds by controlling extrusion conditions for food products. This webinar explains how to improve the quality of your final food product by managing the influence of twin-screw extrusion on various product properties.

Background: Starch is a base material for many food products: snacks, cereals, pet food, etc. Yet the gelation process is complex and shaped by many different variables. Processing starch with twin-screw extrusion offers a great flexibility in process design and the opportunity to positively influence products derived from it.

Benefits: Learn how to manipulate processing variables to design a starch matrix that delivers the texture, stability and processability you want. The webinar covers how to choose extruder parameters such as screw set-up, processing temperature and liquid-to-solid ratio to create the desired final food properties. Then see how oscillatory rheometry can deliver the precise analysis needed to ensure a high-quality end product.

Duration: 28 min

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