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Nikalyte Ltd is a leading supplier of nanoparticle coating equipment and services for R&D and commercial use in a wide variety of application areas including cell binding, cell separation, drug delivery, catalysis, metamaterials, nano-photonics, electrochemistry and battery technology.


NL50 Nanoparticle Deposition | SRC Canada


Their Expertise:

  • Nanoparticle production in vacuum
  • Hydrocarbon free non-agglomerated Nanoparticles

  • Precise control over nanoparticle size and coverage

  • Good control over the composition of alloy nanoparticles

  • Controllable porosity of nanoparticle coatings

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    • Nikalyte NL50 benchtop system enables the deposition of ultra-pure metallic nanoparticles in research laboratories.
    • It’s designed to be user-friendly and convenient, allowing for easy and repeatable deposition of non-agglomerated nanoparticles on samples up to 50mm in diameter.
    • The deposition process is operated through a touchscreen interface, making it simple to use. Training for routine operations can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.
    • NL50 allows for the modification of process variables, including nanoparticle size, distribution, and layer thickness.
    • Samples can be loaded through a clear chamber door and can undergo plasma cleaning before deposition.
    • Changing the source materials can be done quickly, within 5 minutes.
    • The vacuum deposition process ensures the production of ultra-pure nanoparticles without hydrocarbons or other contaminants commonly found in chemical techniques.
    • The nanoparticle coating is directly deposited onto the substrate, and after a typical cycle time of 30 minutes, it is ready for analysis without the need for additional drying or purification steps.


    • NL-UHV enables the generation and deposition of nanoparticles in an Ultra-High vacuum to create functionalized surfaces on samples.
    • The properties of the nanoparticle coatings can be precisely controlled, including size, composition, and structure, allowing for tailored properties.
    • NL-UHV instruments allow the direct deposition of ultra-pure nanoparticles on a wide range of substrates and materials.
    • The film density can be adjusted, and the coating adheres well to the sample surface.
    • Available in different configurations, including single 1″ and 2″ sources, as well as the triple 1″ source NL-DX3, which enables the deposition of up to three materials individually or as alloys.
    • The NL-QMS mass filter offers advanced control over nanoparticle deposition, allowing the scanning or filtering of nanoparticles by mass or diameter in real-time.
    • The NL-QMS is operated through user-friendly WindowsTM software, providing intuitive control over the deposition process.


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