Laser Diffraction

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  • The following are some characteristics of the Partica LA-960V2: Particle Size Analyzer:

    1. Advanced Detector Design: The performance of the system as a whole is influenced by the quantity of detectors, angular range, and layout.
    2. Greater Instrument-to-Instrument Precision: The LA-960V2 is engineered to deliver the same performance independent of the LA-960V2’s date of manufacture, the operator’s skill level, or the user’s location. Without the trouble of correlation, get unparalleled instrument agreement.
    3. Automated Laser Alignment in Seconds: With computer-controlled laser alignment, measurements are always accurate. The revolutionary method used by HORIBA allows the alignment procedure to be completed in only a few seconds.
    4. Accuracy and Precision Guaranteed: The LA-960V2 is a highly developed particle size analyzer that can precisely measure NIST-traceable size standards to within 0.6% of specification. Complete adherence to ISO 13320 standards for material measurement on the D10, D50, and D90.


  • The LA-350 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution Analyzer from HORIBA offers a combination of high functionality, simple operation, low maintenance, and affordability while maintaining the accuracy, precision, and resolution of earlier LA-series analyzers.

    • Flexible Operation: Readily adapt to changing measurement needs with a wider size range and flexible software.
    • Simple Operation: One button operation is possible by using the methods and sequence options built into the software.
    • Fast Analysis: Get answers now with quick measurement and analysis.

Showing all 2 results