Product Announcement – Herzan Electron Microscope Acoustic Enclosure

Spectra Research Corporation (SRC) is committed to bringing our clients the newest in technological innovation and providing the best service possible. We are thus excited to announce the release in Canada of the new Herzan EM Acoustic Enclosures.

Herzan designs industry-leading environmental solutions to isolate acoustic, vibration, and EMI noise under any ambient lab conditions. Herzan’s new EM Acoustic Enclosure provides the most acoustically sound environment possible, ensuring a quiet and stable work environment. This product is easy to operate and simple to maintain.

Every EM Acoustic Enclosure can be tailored to meet the customer’s operating environment, specific requirements, and research needs. This unit can be upgraded to include active or passive vibration isolation, temperature stability, EMI shielding, and custom cable clamps.

EM Acoustic Enclosure Features

  • Modular/paneled design for maximum performance and utility
  • Multiple layers of sound dampening material
  • Multiple cable access ports
  • Three double access doors
  • Removable caster jacks for high-portability and accessibility

Serving the high-precision research market since 1992, Laguna Hills, California-based Herzan is committed to providing customers with environmental solutions that meet their specific needs while providing unparalleled levels of service and support.


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