Product Announcement – Heidelberg Instruments’ MLA 100 Maskless Aligner

Spectra Research Corporation (SRC) is committed to bringing our clients the newest in technological innovation and providing the best service possible. We are thus excited to announce the release in Canada of the new Heidelberg MLA 100 Maskless Aligner – the next generation of direct writing.

Heidelberg, Germany-based Heidelberg Instruments has 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing complex laser-based maskless lithography systems. The new Heidelberg MLA 100 Maskless Aligner is top-of-the-line, offering all capabilities required for single-layer and multi-layer applications.

With easy operation, the MLA 100 Maskless Aligner features an intuitive user interface, a simple loading procedure, and advanced, reliable technology. Unlike other pattern generators on the market, the MLA100 has extreme exposure speed. In less than 10 minutes, an area 100×100 mm² with structures as small as 1 micron can be exposed. Alignment in multi-layer applications can also be achieved quickly as the product’s three integrated cameras with varying resolutions enable alignment to be obtained within 2 minutes.

MLA 100 Maskless Aligner Features

  • Substrates up to 9”x 9”
  • Alignment accuracy down to 1 µm
  • Exposure area of 150×150 mm²
  • Alignment accuracy of 500nm
  • Backside alignment
  • Non-contact exposure

Serving customers worldwide, Heidelberg strives to reduce the cost of product ownership and supports customers to maximize uptime.


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