Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy (AFM-IR) – Achieving Molecular Understanding of Polymer Systems – Webinar

Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy

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Webinar overview

Our guest speaker, Greg Meyers of Dow Chemical Company, will discuss Dow’s research in polymer systems using AFM-IR. Dow is using AFM-IR to provide a deeper understanding at the molecular level of polymer systems to observe chemical contrasts in polymeric materials. The ability to obtain IR spectra at high spatial resolutions has allowed them to observe for the first time the subtle and sharp changes in polymeric films, blends, and membranes.

Topics include:

Introduction to AFM-IR technology & recent AFM-IR innovations

Special focus on AFM-IR application in polymer systems

Hybrid multi-layer polymer films

Review of AFM-IR spatial resolution

Chemical characterization of a polymer blend

AFM-IR spectra (left) and morphology (right) of a polymer blend across a rubber/nylon interface, demonstrating the high chemical spatial resolution of AFM-IR.

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Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy