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Automated High Throughput Viscosity Measurements 

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We have developed the most advanced viscometers on the market to meet increasing demands for more-accurate, faster, and easier-to use small sample viscometers.

Small-sample viscometer, m-VROC

m-VROC™ Viscometer

The ideal viscometer for demanding R&D applications, m-VROC™ provides flexibility — measuring a wide dynamic range of shear rates with samples as small as 20 microliters. It is the leading viscometer in protein viscosity measurements and many other applications.

High-temperature Viscometer, hts-VROC

-VROC™ Viscometer

The most advanced viscometer for the development of lubricating oils, hts-VROC™ measures oil viscosity from 4 ºC to 125 ºC at shear rates ranging from 100 to 1,000,000 1/s. By providing a complete viscosity curve, it allows you to fully assess your lubricant’s quality.

Portable, small-sample viscometer, microVISCmicroVISC™ Viscometer

A portable, small footprint viscometer that performs rapid, routine viscosity measurements. microVISC™ is the fastest and easiest-to use viscometer for most applications, and is idea for quality control and small-scale R&D.

Portable, small-sample viscometer, microVISC-m

microVISC- m™ Viscometer

microVISC-m™ viscometer quickly checks the health of your oil. It measures oil viscosity at room temperature and extrapolates estimates of kinematic and dynamic viscosities at 40, 50, and 100 ºC. The device requires a simple one-step operation. Using disposable pipettes, it does not need to be cleaned between tests.