Viscosity Fingerprint of Conductive Inks with m-VROC

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Viscosity Fingerprint of Conductive Inks with m-VROC:

Printed electronics, touch screens, optoelectronics and PV devices are just some application examples for conductive inks. To enhance electric conductivity these fluids often contain silver, copper or carbon-like materials. The rheological properties of these formulations are determined by the size, shape, concentration, and structures formed by the conductive materials.

The viscosity fingerprint (i.e. viscosity dependence on shear rate) of these conductive fluids will determine performance and flow during manufacturing processes. Conventional methods to measure viscosity often suffer from flow instabilities at high shear rates, which can result in erroneous estimates of viscosity at the shear rates that are relevant for inkjet (104-5 1/s) and roll coating (104) processes.

m-VROC™ viscometer has the widest dynamic range for the measurement of viscosity. The high accuracy, high shear rate capabilities, and high speed of measurement make our systems Simply Precise™

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High Temperature, High Shear hts-VROC Viscometer
Target Keywords
m-VROC™ high shear viscometer
Conductive inks
Silver nanoparticles inks
Silver nanowires inks
Graphene inks
Conductive pastes
Inkjet printing
Roll coating
Ink formulation
High-Shear Viscosity
High-Accuracy Viscosity
Printed electronics
Flexible Electronics
Touch screens
Photovoltaic devices
Current Customers
Electroninks Incorporated is a printed electronics company based on high-performance, low-cost printed electronics via novel materials development. Currently, the company offers two product lines; Circuit Scribe, a rollerball conductive pen for the STEM education and maker communities and Reactive Silver Inks, novel silver inks for the printed electronics industry that achieve conductivities of up to 90% of bulk silver with annealing temperatures under 100C.

Potential Customers

C3nano is the developer of the solution-based, transparent conductive inks and films as direct replacements for indium tin oxide (ITO). C3nano’s advancements in silver nanowire (AgNW) based technology enable 30 to 50 Ohms per square for a new generation of smart flexible devices with enhanced sensing functions.

Cambrios Technologies
Cambrios is the leader in silver nanowire solutions to enable the development of electronic devices with transparent conductors. Our proprietary nanostructured materials can be deposited using existing production equipment to achieve enhanced performance of display devices and components at lower manufacturing cost.
ClearOhm®, their first product, is a directly patternable, wet-processable transparent conductive film made from silver nanowires that is poised to replace the industry standard sputtered indium tin oxide (ITO). Subsequent products will leverage this technology to produce other functional films for display and thin film applications for multiple consumer electronic device markets.