B&W Tek i-Raman® High Resolution TE Cooled Fiber Optic Raman System

Sensitive, Versatile, Simple

  • Spectral resolution of 3.5 cm-1
  • 150 cm-1 of the Rayleigh line; 65 cm-1 option available
  • Wide Raman shift coverage
  • Patented CleanLaze® technology for laser stabilization and narrow linewidth
  • TE-Cooled 2048 pixel array
  • Fiber optic interface for convenient sampling


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 The i-Raman® is part of our award-winning line of portable Ram an spectrometers. It delivers high resolution combined with field-portability, providing performance comparable to large benchtop Raman systems while only weighing less than 7 lbs. The system’s small footprint, lightweight design and low power consumption (optional battery) provide research grade Raman capabilities anywhere!The i-Raman offers 532nm and 785nm excitation wavelength standard and high resolution configurations measuring from 65 cm-1to 4000 cm-1. All i-Raman systems feature a TE-cooled CCD detector, allowing for the maximum effective integration time of several minutes. This makes the i-Raman an economical solution for many Raman applications such as teaching, product development, materials science research and quality control. BW Tek Raman High Resolution Cooled Fiber Optic Raman System


532nm Excitation >40mw at laser port (50mW max)
785nm Excitation >320mw at laser port (420mW max)
Laser Power Control 0-100%
Spectrometer Resolution*
i-Raman-532S ~ 4.5cm-1 @ 614nm
i-Raman-532H ~ 3.5cm-1 @ 614nm
i-Raman-785S ~ 4.5cm-1 @ 912nm
i-Raman-785H ~ 3.5cm-1 @ 912nm
Computer Interface USB 2.0 / 1.1
Trigger Yes (Compatible with B&W Tek Probes)
Power Options
DC (Standard) 5V DC @ 8 Amps
Detector Type TE Cooled Linear Array
Pixel Number 2048
Pixel Size 14μm x 200μm
TE Cooling Temperature 10°C
Dynamic Range 1300:1 (typical)
Digitization Resolution 16-bit or 65,535:1
Readout Speed 500KHz
Integration Time 5ms – 65,535ms
Dimensions 6.7 x 13.4 x 9.2in (17 x 34 x 23.4cm)
Weight ~6.6 lbs (~3 kg)
Operating Temperature 10°C – 35°C
Storage Temperature -10°C – 60°C
Humidity 10% – 85%
*Typical resolution measured using atomic emission lines. Center wavelength and linewidth not guaranteed
i-Raman wins 2011 Readers’ Choice Award from Laboratory Equipment magazine


  • Art & Archaeology
  • Bioscience and Medical Diagnosis
  • Education and Teaching
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Gemology
  • Geology and Mineralogy
  • Materials Science
  • Pharmaceutical Development and Quality Control
  • Polymers and Chemical Processes
  • Raman Microscopy
  • SERS (Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy)

Why Choose Raman?

  • No sample preparation required
  • Nondestructive
  • Able to measure through glass, quartz, plastic (non-contact)
  • Samples can be solid, liquid or gas, transparent or opaque
  • Small sample size
  • Wide spectral coverage for a variety of diverse applications
  • Spectra have high selectivity and specificity, which is ideal for identification.
BW Tek Raman High Resolution Cooled Fiber Optic Raman System  .

BW Tek Raman High Resolution Cooled Fiber Optic Raman System

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