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Rokit healthcare has announced a promotion for 5% discount of the 4D2 3D-bioprinter

In-situ 4D Fabricating The World’s First Z-Axis Curved Surface Fabricating
Bio-Hyperspace Creation Sterilized Environment : H14 HEPA Filter, UV Lamp
Diverse Material Usage All US FDA-Approved Materials : Bioinks, Biopolymers, Ceramics, etc.
High Accuracy High-Precision Step-Motor & Temperature Control
User-Friendly Interface LCD Touch Screen, Android OS, Wi-Fi, Remote Monitoring


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Take advantage of the recent promotion for Rokit Healthcare Dr. INVIVO 4D2 3D Bioprinter 5% discount, an opportunity to acquire a groundbreaking technology.

Starting now until 08/31/2021 (P.O. standard), we have a limited price offer for the 4D2 at 5% off its retail price. The pre-order period for 4D6 is now until 08/31/2021 .


What is 4D Bioprinting?

Based on computer-aided motion, extrusion-based 4D bioprinting precisely dispenses living cells and biomaterials layer by layer, generating structures that imitate native human tissues and biological systems. Because these are often further incubated to proliferate, mature and change over time, this dimension of time makes it 4D. The technology brings key values of automation, biomimetic architecture, and on-demand biomanufacturing. It is widely applicable to the fields of bioengineering and medicine, from in vitro applications in novel product screening, disease modeling, and animal alternative experimentation to in vivo applications in tissue transplantation and regeneration.

Amazing Offer Rokit Dr. INVIVO 4D2
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