Announcing Asylum Research’s New Video Tutorials

Asylum Research is very excited to announce their new video tutorials “Tips, Tricks and Techniques”for Asylum Research AFMs. These informative tutorials are ideal for fine tuning your AFM skills and getting you up to speed on new imaging techniques. The video tutorials are easily accessible in the “Support and Downloads” section of the Asylum Research Forum. Click on the links below to view two sample tutorials:

•  AM-FM Viscoelastic Mapping Mode

•  Conductive AFM (ORCA™):  Imaging and IV Curves

Step-by-step instructions get you up to speed faster

•  Asylum applications scientists who run our instruments everyday will take you step-by-step through specific scanning techniques.

•  Many of the tutorials will have background theory on a specific application to help you easily understand complicated topics.

•  These video tutorials will cover a wide range of applications. The goal is to fill that pipeline with new videos being released throughout the year. Update your account settings on the Asylum Research Forum to be notified of new video releases.

Sign up for the Asylum Research Forum 

Asylum videos are currently only available through the Asylum Research Forum. If you are not a member, click here to register. We encourage all users to become members to this very valuable resource where you can get the latest news, download the latest software, and view the video tutorials.