Making Raman spectroscopy made ‘quick and easy’

If you do Raman spectroscopy, you typically do it on a large and somewhat complex instrument. These systems provide high resolution results with full spectral coverage. But the high-end data comes with a high-end price tag for the research lab or organization, making Raman spectrometers less accessible to those with limited budgets or in teaching laboratories.

Bench-top Raman spectrometers offer an inexpensive alternative. They’re small, compact, ruggedized and portable while still delivering high sensitivity and repeatability. Most include auto-alignment so there’s no need to fiddle with lasers and optics. In other words, they’re a ‘quick and easy’ way to get quality measurements at a fraction of the price of higher-end systems.

These bench-top Raman instruments provide quality data at the push of a button. They can be configured with a variety of laser wavelengths, and are ideal for teaching the basics of Raman spectroscopy.

Outside of the classroom, they’re also useful when rapid quality measurements are a must, and complex instrumentation is not required. Bench-top Raman can be an affordable quality control tool for industries including food, pharmaceuticals and pulp & paper.

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