Calorimetry As A Key Technique For Gas Adsorption Investigation

The investigation of gas adsorption on catalysts and solid sorbents depend upon a good interaction between the reactive gas and the powder. The SENSYS evo DSC is equipped with a crossing furnace, which allows the use of a quartz tube reactor. This makes it possible to operate in true plug-flow fixed bed reactor mode, widely used in heterogeneous catalysis, and thus precisely simulate industrial processes.

Additionally the exhaust gases can be flowed to an on-line gas analyzer such as a mass spectrometer, TCD or FTIR analyzer.

More complex thermal and gas flow profiles can provide adsorption / desorption / temperature programmed desorption data from a single experiment.

Example of application

  • Determination of the heat of adsorption / desorption of NH3 on different solid media. Simultaneous determination of the amounts of NH3 adsorbed / desorbed with coupled quantification techniques.
  • Catalytic oxidation of propane

Evaluation of the performance of catalysts for the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NO with NH3 and O2

See more in the following Aplication Note AN674 -Gas adsorption on catalysts and adsorbents using a quartz tube reactor on a Calvet type DSC