Introducing the New Environmental Scanner for the Cypher™ AFM – the Highest Resolution Fast Scanning AFM

Imagine an AFM that routinely images the DNA double helix (top image) and atomic point defects (bottom) – in any environment.

We invite you to Booth 510 at the MRS Fall Meeting for an exclusive preview of the new Environmental Scanner for Cypher.

The Cypher Environmental Scanner is a modular and customizable platform with sample temperature control in a wide spectrum of environments. The Environmental Scanner is designed around a sealed cell which can sustain moderate positive pressures and uses chemically inert materials, such as fused silica and FFKM, to provide a controlled environment while maintaining accurate and distortion free imaging.

Cypher offers the widest range of scanning environments:

  • Buffers, solvents, inert gases, strong acids/bases
  • Liquid/gas perfusion
  • Continuous liquid flow
  • Temperature control from 0°C to 250°C
  • Optional electrical feedthroughs

If your experiments require a glove box, Cypher can also be operated in this configuration.

MFP-3D™ AFM – High Resolution,
Closed-loop Precision, and Flexibility

We’ll also be featuring the MFP-3D, the most versatile AFM platform with numerous environmental accessories and advanced scanning modes. The MFP-3D can be configured as:

Both the MFP-3D and Cypher AFMs scan with all standard AFM imaging modes (tapping, contact, MFM, phase, etc.), and numerous exclusive imaging modes: