ROKIT Healthcare, Inc.

ROKIT Healthcare endeavor and strive to change the world with our customized artificial organ platforms. We want to provide the safest and effective organ regeneration platform services with our expertise in regenerative medicine. I believe there is a paradigm shift in healthcare economics, and globally, there are needs in new therapeutic methods. Therefore, we would like to become a pioneer in this new paradigm of utilizing autologous cell, cell sheet technology, and 4D biofabrication technology.


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ROKIT Healthcare is a global regenerative solutions company committed to providing an effective autologous organ regeneration platform using its proprietary 3D bio-fabrication technologies.

In the life sciences research market, we supply clean-bench 3D bioprinters “INVIVO” as laboratory tools to advance research in tissue engineering, material science, and regenerative medicine. In the clinical market, we are in the development of 3D printing-based clinical platforms that provide personalized therapy in the areas of skin, cartilage, retina and heart patch regeneration. In summary, ROKIT Healthcare is committed to accelerating the translation of the bioprinting technology from the bench to the clinic for improved patient care. ROKIT Healthcare is headquartered in Seoul, Korea with research bases in Boston, USA and Saarland, Germany.

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