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Materials Characterization

Materials characterization instruments analyze the physical and chemical composition of materials. Examples are thermal analysis instruments that determine heat flow capacity of carbon storage material, Raman Microscopes that determine the chemical signature of surfaces, and optical instruments that measure the stability and particle size distribution of emulsions.

Below is a list of partners we work with in this field:

Ambivalue BV
Thermo Scientific

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    • Confocal Raman Imaging with unprecedented performance in speed, sensitivity, and resolution
    • Hyperspectral image generation with the information of a complete Raman spectrum at every image pixel
    • Excellent lateral resolution
    • Outstanding depth resolution ideally suited for 3D image generation and depth profiles
    • Ultra-fast Raman imaging option with under one millisecond integration time per spectrum
    • Ultra-high throughput spectroscopic system for highest sensitivity and best performance in spectral resolution
    • Non-destructive imaging technique: no staining of fixation of the sample required


    • Spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit (ca. 60 nm laterally)
    • Unique patented SNOM sensor technique
    • Ease-of-use in air and liquids
    • Various Atomic Force Microscopy modes included
    • Non-destructive imaging technique with minimal, if any, sample preparation
    • Upgradeable with confocal Raman imaging in one microscope



    • simplifies operation of the instrument.
    • requires less human input.
    • reduces potential sources of error.
    • enhances reproducibility.
    • allows for completely remote-controlled use in enclosed environments (i.e. in a glove box).



  • Particle size & shape analysis using laser obscuration and video

    • Fast and accurate Particle Size Analysis with the unique Laser Obscuration Time technique.
    • Accurate description of non-spherical materials with sophisticated Dynamic Image Analysis using the video channel.
    • Results are independent of physical or optical properties of the particles or medium


    • Scanned, micro-focused, monochromatic x-ray beam
    • X-ray beam induced secondary electron imaging
    • Dual beam charge neutralization
    • Large area XPS
    • Micro-area XPS
    • Chemical state imaging with 128 data channels
    • Sputter depth profiling
    • Floating column argon ion gun
    • Compucentric Zalar rotation
    • Angle dependent XPS
    • Five axis automated sample manipulator
    • 25 mm and 60 mm diameter sample holders


    • Co- and counter-rotating twin screws
    • Integrated viscosity measurement (with HAAKE PolySoft OS)
    • Automatic bypass operation for circulation/extrusion
    • Pneumatic feeding
    • Local control via tablet (Android®) for  intuitive operation
    • Split barrel exit for easy cleaning
    • Compact enough to fit into laboratory fume hood’


    • Smart lift function for convenient, accurate and reproducible gap setting
    • Convenient touch screen display for visualization of numerical and graphical measurement results
    • Correct and precise sample filling for parallel plates for ultimate measuring accuracy
    • Highly dynamic, powerful EC motor for flexibility across a range of materials and measurements
    • Measuring geometries designed for optimized handling and easy exchange
    • “Temperature Assist” rapid real sample temperature control based on a dynamic heat transfer model



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