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3DCeram Ceramaker C900 & C900H

  • 300mm x 300mm x 100mm working platform (max)
  • The best seller in this market
  • Open system
  • User friendly
  • Standard 3DMIX paste used
  • Cleaning station and kilns necessary for post processing


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Introducing the 3DCeram Ceramaker C900 & C900H

3DCERAM SINTO offers a range of “open” printers that enable to adapt the print settings to your need.

Developed by the company and manufactured in France, these printers are designed for the production of single parts, prototypes or short series.

3DCeram Ceramaker C900 & C900H

3DCeram Ceramaker C900 & C900H

Key Features

CERAMAKER, turnkey line for 3D printing.

3DCERAM shares its expertise and offers a custom engineering and start-up service to help you quickly produce your first parts.

A complete line for high quality production:

Turnkey line
A reliable and proven open 3D printer
Supply of cleaning cabin, debinding or sintering kilns, etc.
Dedicated services


Key Benefits

The size of the working surface, depending on the model, is suitable for the production of large parts.

The laser resolution, 30 μm over the entire surface, enables high accuracy printing without pixelation.

Many customers can already testify the quality of production of these printers.

These 3D printers meet the requirements of traditional technical ceramic manufacturers in the aviation, spatial and biomedical industries.

CERAMAKER C900H: New Hybrid multi-material printer (up to 4 materials are printed together), a breakthrough technology to produce complete functioning parts.

3DCeram Ceramaker C900 & C900H

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Spectra Research Corporation (SRC) offers a range of innovative high-quality scientific products and laboratory services to industrial and scientific markets throughout Canada.

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