T2000 Test System —
An MPU Solution that provides a technical edge for testing high-end MPUs, high-speed buses and communication interfaces. It is the ultimate solution for continual, rapid advancements in MPU devices.

T2000 Offers Scalable Solutions for Demanding MPU Testing

  • High-speed Bus and Communication Interface Testing by High- speed Differential Driver/Comparator sources
  • Clock vs. Data Synchronous Testing of High-speed Bus by Source Synchronous Functionality
  • Concurrent Test by Multi Time Domains
  • High-speed MPU Testing by High-current Device Power Supply of 150A Module
  • Independent Flow Control by Multi-site Controllers

User-Friendly Environment by Windows

T2000 Operating System is easy-to-use with a wide variety of choices of application archives. For evaluation and silicon debug characterization, tools such as Wave Tool (Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope), Shmoo, Margin, and Pattern Editor speed up time to yield. Additionally, the simulation environment is transparent to the operational implementation allowing fully off-line program development.



CMOS Image Sensor Test Solution

The T2000 CMOS Image Sensor Test Solution is a single solution for evaluation and production testing of advanced CMOS image sensors with high-speed interfaces up to 3 Gbps. This highly parallel system uses concurrent hardware operation, a fast IP engine, a high-speed bus and reduced shot counts to provide users with one of the industry’s lowest cost of test.

Flexible support for multifunction image sensors

CMOS image sensors are now incorporating functions such as AD/DA and other SoC circuits. With its modular architecture, the T2000 can achieve the optimal configuration to test these complex devices while delivering low cost of test.
The system’s high-speed image-capture interface supports a variety of CMOS image sensors including mobile, DSC, DSLR, CAM and industrial CIS. In addition, the large dual-bank memory module enables simultaneous storage and transfer of data to the image-processing engine, minimizing test times.


The system is available in two versions: